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    23 "Then And Now" Photos That Left My Jaw Hanging Open

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    1. Uelzen, Germany then (around 1944 during World War II) and now:

    Then and Now. The town of Uelzen/Germany, a Bren Gunner taking cover! from interestingasfuck

    2. Disney animators then (in the late '50s working on Sleeping Beauty) and now-ish (working on 2010's Tangled):

    Just some Disney animators. Then and now. from pics

    3. These adorable puppy pals then and now:

    Best buds, then and now. from aww

    4. The outside of the school Will Smith was shootin' some b-ball then (around 1990) and now:

    Fresh Prince Basketball Court 1990 vs Now from OldPhotosInRealLife

    5. People wasting time while waiting for public transportation then (the early 1900s) and now:

    Then and now. from pics

    6. The Roman Forum (a couple thousand years ago or so) and now:

    The Roman Forum, how it looked then and now from interestingasfuck

    7. This mother and son playing around on a copier then and now:

    My son and I planted our faces on a copier, then and now from pics

    8. A depiction of the RMS Titanic then (in 1912) and more recently (in 2003, when this poster was created for Jim Cameron's documentary Ghosts of the Abyss):

    Titanic, then and now from interestingasfuck

    9. The London Underground then (a hundred years ago or so) and now:

    London underground then and now from pics

    10. These very consistent best friends then (circa 1980) and now-ish (2009):

    My best friend Chris and me....Now and Then from pics

    11. This abandoned pool in upstate New York then (decades ago when it was still in use) and now:

    Then and now from pics

    12. Dallas, Texas's Dealey Plaza then (during the assassination of President Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963) and now-ish (Oct. 23, 2013):

    Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX. November 21, 1963 vs October 23, 2013. from OldPhotosInRealLife

    13. Thor the cat then (as a kitty) and now (with a glorious mane):

    Thor, then and now. from aww

    14. A Bugatti sports car then (circa 1930s) and now:

    Bugatti now and then from pics

    15. These silly sibs then and now:

    Brother and sister, then and now... from funny

    16. An abandoned mansion then (in all its glory) and now (in disrepair):

    Abandoned $6,000,000 Mansion Then and Now Photos from interestingasfuck

    17. Colorado's Gardens of the Gods then (well over 100 years ago being traversed by Native Americans) and now:

    It was their way or the highway. from OldPhotosInRealLife

    18. This woman and her pup then (when the pup was itty-bitty) and now:

    Then and Now ....... from pics

    19. This abandoned racetrack then (in the '70s or '80s when it was still in operation) and now:

    Charlotte, NC: Unsure of the year, but I found what appeared to be a dirt track near my workplace on Google Maps. I did some research and went to check it out from OldPhotosInRealLife

    20. Brooklyn, New York, then (1916) and now:

    Random neighborhood in Brooklyn in 1916 and now. from OldPhotosInRealLife

    21. Marty McFly and his grandfather then (in 1955...just kidding...1985) and now:

    Back to the Future from OldPhotosInRealLife

    22. An abandoned mansion then (2016) and now (after being restored):

    The Selma Mansion in Loudoun County, Virginia then (2016) and now (2018). from pics

    23. And Mark Hamill then (in 1977's Star Wars) and now (in 2017's The Last Jedi):

    Mark Hamill then and now from pics

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