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The "Reasons My Kid Is Crying" Book Is Freaking Hilarious

"I wouldn't let him play with the dead squirrel he found in the yard."

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Last year Greg Pembroke started a Tumblr to post photos of his kids melting down along with the ridiculous reasons they were crying.

Three Rivers Press

Greg, with his wife, Charity, and sons, William, 3, and Charlie, 22 months.

The Tumblr went viral, and Greg soon began receiving submissions from parents all around the world, the best of which have been compiled into a new book, Reasons My Kid Is Crying.

Greg Pembroke / Via Three Rivers Press

The caption that goes with this photo is "We gave him delicious pudding."

So what were all of these kids crying about? Here are some of the photos people submitted along with the reasons their kids were crying: