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We Ranked The Stuff People Hand Out On Halloween

There's a big difference between a full-sized bar and raisins.

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11. Small toys like spider rings and vampire teeth

pioneerparty / Via

These are definitely more fun than stickers (at least until Halloween is over in a few hours), but again... they ain't candy!


6. Dollar store candy

couponsandcrochet / Via

Granted, you can hit some name-brand candy jackpots at the dollar store. But a lot of it is strange off-brand candy and damaged, almost-expired name-brand candy. With your luck, that's the kind you'll end up with.

5. Homemade treats

beelzebuckie / Via

This one was tough to rank because homemade treats from a neighbor you trust can be absolutely delicious. But homemade treats from a random house somewhere on your route? Cold shivers.


3. Self-serve candy

sabsgreen / Via

If you get to the basket before some a-hole kids dump the lot of it into their bags, you CAN get some good candy... that has been exposed to the elements.

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