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24 Of The Most Exhausted Parents Ever

Parenting ain't for the weak.

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1. This new dad who just realized he'll never sleep again:

2. This mom whose day at Disneyland is far from over:

3. This tough guy who was no match for his tiny baby:

4. This mom whose baby fell asleep on her face:

7. This dad whose kid refuses to let him sleep:

8. This desperate for sleep mom:

9. And this mom who was already over it after the morning drop-off:

10. This dad who spent the entire afternoon in the pediatrician's waiting room:

11. This "deer in the headlights" mom:

12. This dad who is holding on by the thinnest of threads:

13. This mom who was just going to sit down for a minute.

15. This mom who is already on her fifth cup:

16. And this mom who needs something a little stronger:

17. This dad who may or may not be alive:

19. This dad who is rightfully afraid to fall asleep around his kids:

20. This mom who is too tired to see what's happening behind her:

21. This mom who kept it together until she got to work:

22. This "all work and no sleep" dad:

23. This mom whose eyes plead "Somebody help me":

24. And this mom who is smiling despite it all.