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    19 Of The Most Embarrassing Things Kids Have Ever Done

    If any of these kids belong to you, well, I'm sorry.

    Reddit users shared the most embarrassing things their kids ever did:

    1. "I received a note from my daughter’s preschool saying ‘Your daughter played duck, duck, goose but said vagina, vagina, penis.’”


    2. “At Montgomery Wards I was called over the intercom to come get my son because he was feeling up the mannequins in women's clothing.”

    Flickr: lobraumeister / Via Creative Commons

    3. “At an automotive parts store my son pointed at an old man and very seriously said, ‘You're going to die soon.’”

    Ronald Rugenbrink / Flickr: 35776264@N08 / Via Creative Commons

    4. “My 4-year-old saw an overweight man and asked while standing right next to him, ‘Mommy, is he pregnant?'"

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    5. “During a quiet moment in church my kid randomly blurted out ‘Did you know aliens don't have penises?’”

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    6. Back in the days of restaurants having smoking sections, the hostess asked ‘Smoking or non?’ When I replied ‘Non,’ my 6-year-old said, ‘But you smoke pot, Mommy.’”


    7. “When we passed a group of Muslim women wearing burqas my 4-year-old daughter screamed, ‘Look, Daddy! Ninjas!’”

    meunierd / Via

    8. "My son pretends he’s being filmed for a reality show everywhere we go and narrates what’s happening to imaginary cameras."

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    9. "When my daughter’s preschool teacher asked her if she had a fun weekend she replied, 'We went on a beer run!"”

    Flickr: lightninglandon / Via Creative Commons

    10. As we showered at the pool my nephew pointed to the man beside us and asked, "How come his is so much bigger than yours?"


    11. “We were shopping at Old Navy and there was a little person who worked there. My daughter said, ‘Hey, mommy, that's a big little kid!’”


    12. "A very overweight woman was entering a store in front of us when my 4-year-old son loudly asked, ‘Mama, is she going to fit through the door?’”

    13. “The day before I was going to buy a new van my daughter told the cashier at the supermarket, ‘My mom is getting a new man!’”


    14. “I had diabetes when I was pregnant with my youngest, but my oldest told everyone I had diarrhea.”


    15. “My son was visiting me at work when he pointed to a pregnant co-worker and said, ‘I see your belly. I know what you did.’”


    16. “A cashier at the store had a mole with hair coming out of it. My daughter asked, ‘Do you know there's whiskers coming out of that booger on your face?’”

    17. “My 4-year-old nephew saw an older gentleman with a big white beard at the store and yelled ‘HI, SANTA!!!’”

    Flickr: uniondocs / Via Creative Commons

    18. “My daughter ran up to a fat man whose belly was hanging out of his T-shirt and tickled him while saying ‘I see your belly!’”

    Flickr: bentwright / Via Creative Commons

    19. "When our neighbor asked my son what I did for a living he said I sold drugs. I’m a pharmaceutical rep.”

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