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The "Lava" Short Before "Inside Out" Is Making People Feel All The Feels

"I wish that the earth, sea, the sky up above, will send me someone to..."

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Last weekend so many people went to see Inside Out that it scored the biggest opening at the box office for an original film ever.


Most of those people went in prepared for Inside Out to pull at the heartstrings in typical Pixar fashion, and they weren't disappointed.


But what few were prepared for...

Warner Bros. any way shape or form...


...was the short that played before it.

Summit Entertainment

Lava tells the story of a Uku, a lonely volcano who, over the course of millions of years, dreams about being sent someone to love.


And a whole lot of people took to Twitter to share how much it affected them:


That "Lava" short in front of Inside Out destroyed me.

Two words (maybe four): #Pixar Lava. Pure Tears. Not a dry eye in the cinema. Pass the tissues.

Also what the Fuck was that Lava Short Film? I was crying over a lonely Volcano. #Feelings

@ohkatey Lava broke me and I couldn't recover in time for the feels in Inside Out. Tears everywhere.

@PixarInsideOut Lava brought me to tears and I'm a grown woman

Ok @DisneyPixar stop making short movies that make me emotional devastated before your already sad movie... #Lava #InsideOut

Pixars "lava" short film REALLY FUCKED ME UP. LIKE BAD. I was crying before the movie even started 😢😢

and i cried all through the lava short??? i don't even know why i just couldn't stop crying the poor volcano was lonely

im still sad about the lava short film before inside out that movie hurt

Omgggg I wept that was so sad and cute RT @mrmess: @_vidabella Yes! Lava activated my tear ducts.

warning: when you go see @PixarInsideOut they show a Pixar short called "Lava" and you will cry. It is so sad and cute I was sobbing.😂😭💓

It's been 2 days and I'm still crying because of #LAVA

Even the audio alone is too much to handle!

I looked up the audio to Pixar's short film Lava and now I'm just weeping

Nice work, Pixar. You got us like:


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