The Definitive Ranking Of Things That Will Test A Parent’s Patience

“I will turn this car around!”

25. Getting trapped under a sleeping baby.

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This is really only annoying when you have to pee.

24. Waiting for your kid to tie their shoes.

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It’s hard to get too rankled when your little cutie is trying so hard.

23. When your kid takes forever to finish eating.

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You told them not to eat so fast, but this is ridiculous.

22. Waiting for your kid to pick something.

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Pick one. Just pick one!

21. Trying to teach your kid how to blow their nose.

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Why can’t they get this? What is so freaking hard about blowing your nose?

20. When your kid refuses to try something new.


Fine. Just eat mac and cheese the rest of your life.

19. Having to explain the same concept over and over again.

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You appreciate that they’re trying to learn, but…

18. The bargaining they do when it’s time to stop playing.

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“Just five more minutes!” Grrrrrr.

17. The super long showers.


You don’t even care what weird stuff they’re doing in there, you just don’t want them wasting all of that water.

16. When your kid is slow getting ready for bed.

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They’re stalling and you know it.

15. Messy eating.

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Meal after meal you’re wiping food off the ceiling.

14. When your kid acts like they don’t know you in public.

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It’s infuriating until you remember you did the same thing to your parents.

13. Kids’ music.

Summit Entertainment

Barney’s sing-alongs are bad enough, but then you’ve got to deal with the teeny bopper crap. Lord give us strength.

12. When your kid whines about a long car ride.

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One little phrase is enough to make a parent’s blood boil: “Are we there yet?”

11. When your kid can’t find their shoes.

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“Where did you last see them? WHERE DID YOU LAST SEE THEM?!”

10. Having to sit through the same movie or TV show for the millionth time.


Stop the winter indeed.

9. When your kid forgets to say thank you.

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It’s two words. What’s so hard about saying two freaking words?

8. When your kid won’t stop asking questions.

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You can only pretend to know the answer to everything for so long.

7. Especially, “Why?”


Deep breaths, parents. Deep breaths.

6. When your kid continues to do something you told them to stop.


You officially lose your patience right about when you yell, “How many times do I have to tell you?”

5. The battle over cleaning their room.

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You told yourself you wouldn’t let them win, but they’re totally winning.

4. The endless texting.


Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. ARGHHH!!!!

3. All of the bellyaching about doing homework.

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“You think this is hard? This is nothing! Wait until you’re grown and have to do your taxes!” …and other nonsense you say when you’ve totally lost your patience.

2. When your kid rolls their eyes at you.

Warner Bros


Oh, hell no.

1. Tantrums (especially ones thrown in public).

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Just wait till we get home, young man.

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