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14 Funny AF Texts You've Only Ever Sent If You Have Kids...Trust Us

"That's a real thing I said tonight."

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1. Unless you have kids, you've never sent a text like this:

momcavetv / Via

2. And you've definitely never texted a quote like this:

cypress_knees / Via

3. You've never texted directions like this:

photobugcutie2012 / Via

4. You've never sent a "So, this is what I'm dealing with" text quite like this:

married_texts / Via

5. Or this:

cypress_knees / Via

6. You've never texted about poo with this much excitement:

themummymiller / Via

7. And — taking things one step further — you've never texted about THE PROGRESS of poo like this:

chrissiejaber / Via

8. What else? Well, you've never texted this for 25 nights in a row:

jeoppx / Via

9. And you've never used this GIF in this context:

10. You've never sent a "look what I found" text like this:

xx__sandra__xx / Via

11. Or, ugh, this:

12. You've never texted about these two subjects back to back:

missheidilynn / Via

13. You've never live-texted a toddler's afternoon:

14. And you've never had a "brain fail" text exchange ANYTHING like this:

fabcamp / Via

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