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    37 Passive-Aggressive People Who Were Hilariously Entertaining

    "My husband ate the last donut, so I adjusted the mirrors and seat in his car."

    Passive-aggressive behavior (noun): The expression of negative feelings, resentment, and aggression in an unassertively passive way that avoids direct confrontation.

    Is it healthier to discuss problems with others directly? Absolutely...but where's the fun in that? Here are 37 people who turned being super passive-aggressive into an artform:

    1. Debbi, who is tired of picking up after her lazy roommates:

    Netflix account names have been changed to read "Fuck u guys for leaving this place in a state you utter bastards regards, Debbie"

    2. And this person who is tired of their coworkers leaving the kitchen dirty:

    3. This girlfriend who basically has a PhD in passive-aggression:

    I fell out with my girlfriend this morning, but before leaving for work she pegged the washing out. Passive aggressive status Boss level!

    Twitter: @DBentleyMiller

    4. And this wife who maybe isn't on the girlfriend's level, but is still pretty good:

    5. Anyone who buys this box of candy for their valentine:

    6. And whoever REALLY wants you to hear this YouTube ad:

    7. This book editor who doesn't seem to like pigeons as much as the readers:

    Twitter: @cooksferryqueen

    8. This possibly sentient computer that spit out this confirmation number:

    9. And whoever put up this sign:

    10. Any stepchild who dares to drop this card in the mail:

    It’s that time of year to share the most passive aggressive Christmas card.

    Twitter: @ChrisWalkerT

    TO A REALLY SPECIAL DAD...and (spits on ground) his wife.

    11. And this son who isn't going to let his mom's guy get the upper hand:

    In a passive aggressive war with me mums fella. I had his Diet Coke and he muttered “that won’t get replaced” so I went and got 3 crates and not said a word. Your move.

    Twitter: @JamieHComedy

    12. This 6-year-old who sent a very passive-aggressive Christmas card:

    Enjoy the most passive aggressive Christmas card of all time. Sent by my 6 yo daughter’s friend. Merry Christmas all x

    Twitter: @MickyPKerr

    "Happy Christmas, can you be a bit more nicer? Lots of love..."

    13. This Wikipedia photo captioner:

    14. This brand that makes environmentally friendly coffee filters:

    Paid extra for the passive-aggressive coffee filters.

    Twitter: @TheRebeccaMetz

    15. This poster who — I'm guessing with 98% certainty — wrote this after giving someone a bottle of scotch:

    This is the most passive aggressive post I've ever seen on reddit lol

    Twitter: @frendazoned

    16. This Apple Watch message programmer:

    Why is my Apple Watch so passive aggressive

    Twitter: @Aoibhin_B

    "You had a chill day worries...but close at least one ring today."

    17. This professor who was fed up with people asking him where his (very popular) TA was:

    4 years ago today I got fed up of my TA being more popular than me and always being asked where she was. So I stuck this passive aggressive flow chart to my classroom door.

    Twitter: @MisterFirth

    18. This married couple who competed to see who could be more passive aggressive:

    The passive aggressive texts between me and husband are dialling up this lockdown.

    Twitter: @Christie_Whelan

    19. And this wife who is tired of messy kitchens:

    20. This impatient online dater:

    21. This mom with Photoshop:

    I love a good passive aggressive text about my clothing choices from my mom in the morning

    Twitter: @clur19

    22. This farmer in England:

    23. Anyone who gifts someone with this book:

    The perfect passive aggressive Christmas present

    Twitter: @j_amesmarriott

    24. And this, uh, yoga enthusiast:

    25. This diner who hates onions:

    Someone spelled out i said no onions with onions on a plate

    26. Whoever made this shirt (who I say 100% knew what they were doing):

    It says, "Wow! You look so pretty on the outside!"

    27. This restaurant that's hiring but not re-hiring (got that, ex-staff?):

    28. This driver who hates tailgaiters: 

    29. And this driver who wants you to find Jesus:

    30. This metal band and their advertisement:

    31. And this neighbor who named their Wi-Fi this:

    One of my neighbours taking passive aggressive to a new level

    Twitter: @Wheezy__T

    32. This kid who gave his mom a report card with one area in need of improvement:

    Got that, mom?

    33. Whoever programmed the_ Wii Fit_ to do this:

    34. And whoever programmed this microwave:

    when our microwave is finished, it just says ‘Good’ in an eerily passive aggressive way

    Twitter: @lucyjamesgames

    35. This person and their PhD thesis dedication:

    Arguably the best and most passive aggressive PhD acknowledgements/dedication page you’ll ever see.

    Twitter: @brianklaas

    36. This Alaskan mapmaker:

    37. And this passive-aggressive prodigy who left the forgetful tooth fairy quite the note:

    It reads: