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    19 Unfortunate Photos That Prove Summer Is The Literal Worst

    Can we skip summer and go straight to fall?

    1. You can look forward to this bit of fun happening on your phone again:

    2. And you can say goodbye to your car's sun shade:

    3. Ditto for your car freshener:

    4. Oh, and your blinds? They're going to melt too:

    5. Your grass is also as good as dead:

    6. Your rug just might melt into your tile:

    7. And if you like candles, well, lol:

    8. The good news is, you can enjoy a summer-themed bath bomb...wait, scratch that — it looks like pee:

    9. Let's see, what else? If you send your kid to camp, the unthankful little punk might send you this:

    10. And while you'll depend on your air conditioner, the strain (and heat) just might be too much for it:

    11. On a related note, here's what the summer looks like with no AC:

    12. If all of that hasn't convinced you, the bugs and pests will be out in full force too — like these yellow jackets:

    13. Plus these — ugh! — winged termites that will destroy your home:

    14. And this tarantula hawk, one of the world's most pain-inflicting pests:

    15. What's that? You're at least happy you can use the summer to grow produce? I've got news for you:

    16. That's right, lower your expectations:

    17. You'll definitely want to wear shoes outside:

    18. And you'll want to put sunscreen on them...and everything else:

    19. Yup, good times coming, everyone!!!

    Yay, summer!