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    17 Kids Who Will Make Even The Most Ardent Kid Hater Feel Something

    We're not kidding.

    OK, so at BuzzFeed we've done our fair share of posts about kids and parenting that you've referred to as "birth control."


    1. BUT! The truth is that, for all the trials of parenting, kids are amazing.

    I figured I’d bring it to Twitter now. My sweet little nugget made 5 months 🐔❤️

    2. And getting to watch them experience life is like nothing else.


    3. I mean, look at how happy this dad is about his sweet son's report card!

    I don't usually yell at my kids. But he deserved it.

    4. Kids will also crack you up — imagine if your kid made you this card for Father's Day.

    u/sayblacktrees / Via

    5. Or if your kid really, really loved potatoes (my kid looks at bologna this way).

    get you someone who looks at you the way my brother looks at potatoes

    6. OR if they made this for Earth Day!

    u/starrynitess / Via

    7. KIDS...ARE...FUNNY.

    8. Halloween is a LOT more fun with kids, too.

    Can’t get over how cute my baby nieces are!!

    9. You get to do stuff like this!

    So my Mom dressed my baby sister as Mama Coco just for fun and my little sister is loving it 😂 #MamaCoco

    10. This kid asked to go as a "fart" complete with a fart gun, lol.

    Todd Minus / Via

    11. Sometimes, they will really amaze you with their talent!

    My daughter has started a story and ‘Rebecca’ no longer has the greatest opening lines in literature.

    12. Like, this is A+ coloring.

    13. These lyrics are pretty phenomenal.

    Sometimes my daughter has me transcribe her made-up songs as she sings them

    14. And you have to admire this kid's commitment to authenticity!

    15. Kids can be pretty weird, too, which makes life hilariously interesting.

    16. Weird? Yes. Awesome? YES!

    My daughter brings a checklist to stores now and just makes random checks. It makes everyone uncomfortable.

    17. In the end, though, the moments you'll love the most as a parent are the small, but precious ones.

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