19 Simple Rules Of Etiquette All Parents Should Follow

    Don't be that parent.

    1. Make sure your kid always says "please" and "thank you."

    2. Offer only encouragement at your kid's sporting events.

    3. Pick up after your kid at restaurants.

    4. Take your kid outside when they start crying in a restaurant or theater.

    5. Give your kid peanut-free snacks when they'll be eating around other children.

    6. Ask other parents about their kids as much as you talk about your own.

    7. Don’t ask other parents overly personal questions.

    8. Stay calm if people make comments when your kid is acting up in public.

    9. Never assume everything will be paid for when your kid is invited to an event by a friend's family.

    10. Check in when your kid is at another person’s home.

    11. Don't ask if you can bring your kids if an invitation says “adults only.”

    12. Bite your tongue when people without kids complain about being busy or tired.

    13. Limit how much you talk about your kid with non-parents.

    14. Always RSVP to birthday party invitations.

    15. Never send additional siblings to a birthday party only one of your kids was invited to.

    16. If your kid breaks something, replace it.

    17. Keep sick kids home.

    This not only will keep others from getting sick, but stop them from being traumatized too. I mean look at that girl... she's going to need therapy for sure.

    18. If your kid moves stuff around at a store, put it back.

    19. Model the behavior you want to see in your kids.

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