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    23 Signs You Used To Be A Teacher

    School may be out, but you're still a teacher at heart.

    1. Your B.S. meter is finely tuned.


    2. Every once in a while someone says they're going to the bathroom and you reply, “Sit down.”


    3. Every day around 3 p.m. you feel a sense of relief.


    4. You have an uncanny ability to know what’s going on behind you.

    Flickr: robwatling / Via Creative Commons

    "I see you looking at me, Striped Shirt."

    5. When people are being rowdy you can silence them with just a look.

    6. You pretty much always feel like you've slept in.

    That's what happens when your alarm no longer goes off at five something a.m.

    7. Even now you experience the occasional anxiety dream about having hundreds of papers to grade.

    8. Whenever you see anything handwritten you feel a compulsion to edit it.

    9. If anyone needs help with their homework they always come to you.

    10. The mere sight of these elicits a bevy of emotions.

    11. At parties, people still ask you to tell your funniest teaching anecdotes.


    You change the names to protect the innocent, of course.

    12. You either have a serious coffee habit or are constantly fighting the urge for a cup.

    Flickr: editor / Via Creative Commons

    If not coffee, then Diet Coke.

    13. You can hold your bladder for a long, long time.


    14. You still take control of group activities.

    15. You have a hard time enjoying a leisurely lunch.


    In fact you pretty much always plow through it like you've only got 30 minutes.

    16. No matter how long it's been since you were in the classroom, you're still amused by depictions of teachers on TV and in the movies.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    They never get it right.

    17. Your handwriting is on point.

    18. When people speak poorly of teachers it makes you "Incredible Hulk" levels of angry.


    "Have you been in the classroom? Do you know what it's like to be in charge of 30 kids at eight in the morning? Have you ever dealt with a nightmare parent?" HOLD ME BACK!

    19. You notice things and think they’d be nice for your classroom.

    20. You still sort of worry about running into a parent or student when buying alcohol.

    21. And you think twice before posting anything personal online.


    22. You bust out your "teacher voice" from time to time.

    23. And nothing makes you feel as old as seeing how grown up the kids you taught have become.

    The CW

    But it definitely gives you the feels and makes you proud to know you contributed in some way to the person they are today.

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