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23 Signs You Are Over "Frozen"

If only your kids would let it go.

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1. You're suddenly jealous of John Travolta because of how blissfully clueless he is about Frozen.

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2. When someone emails you the latest Frozen mash-up, parody, or song cover, you immediately do this.

3. You know exactly how the dad who wrote this feels.

4. You also strongly relate to the baby who cries when she hears songs from Frozen.

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5. And this Frozen-hating cat is totally commiserating with you.

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6. This has become the bane of your existence.


7. And when your kids watch it, you find it harder and harder to endure the next 108 minutes.


8. You're unreasonably resentful over how many of these plates and cups clutter your cupboard.

9. And you're done picking these up off the floor.

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10. Basically you're over living in Arrendelle.


11. You felt a sinking sensation when you heard about Frozen on Ice.

"Now what's that gonna cost me?"

12. And while your kids cheered upon hearing Frozen is coming to Broadway, you were like, "Aww, phu..."

Who needs a retirement fund?

Who needs a retirement fund?

13. You've considered telling your kids Disneyland is closed for the summer because you refuse to wait in line for hours to meet Anna and Elsa.

14. You've taken your kids to so many Frozen birthday parties that you're tempted to drop the next invitation in the trash.

15. Car rides have become torture because your kids always request the Frozen soundtrack and sing along the entire time.


"Do you want to build a snowman?" "No! I want to drop these kids off at school so I can turn this shit off!"

16. You've had more than your fill of drama over trying to find Frozen merchandise before it's sold out.

A thousand dollars for an Elsa dress on eBay? WTF is going on?

A thousand dollars for an Elsa dress on eBay? WTF is going on?

17. You’ve started pushing other movies on your kids in hopes they'll stop obsessing on Frozen.


"The Lion King is amazing! Do you want to see it? I'll even download the deluxe edition if you promise to watch it! Please, please say you'll watch it!"

18. Now that it's almost summer you're hearing "In Summer" references and it makes you shudder.


19. You wake in the middle of the night with the melodies to those freaking songs in your head.


You've spent an hour awake at 4 a.m. compulsively repeating, "The cold never bothered me anyway!" And it was hell.

20. You put off trips to supermarket because you just can't deal with how your kids act in the frozen food aisle.

"We're in the Frozen food aisle! Ha, ha, ha! Get it? Like Frozen?"

"We're in the Frozen food aisle! Ha, ha, ha! Get it? Like Frozen?"

21. You no longer think your kids are cute when they sing the songs, even when they are super, ridiculously cute.

22. You're pretty sure you'll lose it the next time someone earnestly says, “Let it go” and the guy next to him bursts into song.

You are a bad man, sir. A bad, bad man.
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You are a bad man, sir. A bad, bad man.

23. You’ve seen Frozen so many times that you've started to rant about the plot holes like a conspiracy theorist.


"Why did Elsa unleash the snow monster on her sister when she's spent her whole life trying to keep Anna safe? He nearly killed her! It doesn't make any sense!"

Basically, this sums up how you're feeling about Frozen at this point:

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