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Share A Supermarket Hack That'll Make Us Go, "Whoa!"

Be a super shopper at the supermarket.

We all eat, so we all spend a fair amount of time at the supermarket shopping for food (and other stuff).

Aw, Spidey, maybe skip the rice aisle!

So — considering all of the time we spend grocery shopping — we've each surely picked up a trick or two, right?

Like, for example, that the milks behind the ones up front usually have a later expiration date.

luckylaurie / Via

Pull a couple milks out and you're liable to find one that'll be good an extra 2-3 days!

Or that you can find out if a package of bacon is mostly meat or mostly fat by turning it over and looking at the window.

Higher-quality bacon contains more meat than fat, so when you turn it over you should clearly see meat through the window.

Here's one more — those numbers on produce tell you some very interesting info!

unclemattsorganic / Via

So, fellow supermarket shoppers, what tips do you have? Tell us in the Dropbox below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!