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Kidz Bop Just Released An Album Of Ancient Music From The Historical Period Known As The '90s

Now you can prove to your kids YOUR music is the best!

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And, frankly, none of the noise our kids play constantly nowadays can convince us otherwise.


That came off a little too "get off my lawn-ish," didn't it? Oh well. Sorry, Ariana. I'd like your songs a lot more if my kids didn't play them ON REPEAT AD NAUSEUM.

Thankfully, we now have a powerful new weapon in convincing our kids to like our music. Kidz Bop is releasing an album made up entirely of ‘90s pop music!

Here's the track list:


"U Can’t Touch This"

"Tearin' Up My Heart"

"Return Of The Mack"


"The Sign"

"I Want It That Way"




"Whoomp! (There It Is)"

"Say You’ll Be There"

"End Of The Road"


And since you can't sing "MMMBop" or "The Sign" without looking the part, the Kidz Bop Kids put on these vintage '90s clothes.

I'd like to say that in the '90s I dressed like any of the first five kids, but alas, I was totally the Carlton-esque kid on the far right.

But don't focus on how old you feel — show your kids this video of "Whoomp! (There It Is)" and start the indoctrination!

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Once your kids get hooked on this album, switch them over to the original songs and your work will be done!

KIDZ BOP 90’s Pop! Is available exclusively on Amazon Music to stream or purchase for $7.99.