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    19 Tweets That Might Not Sit Well With Gen X

    Gen X'ers reading this: "Whatever."

    Gen X has largely escaped the generational warfare that's pitted boomers vs. millennials vs. Gen Z.

    But I'm sorry to inform my fellow Gen X'ers that we haven't gotten off scot free — as it turns out, we've been dragged on Twitter. Here are some shady "questions" people have for Gen X:


    What is it with Gen X ending sentences with ellipses that don't actually need an ellipsis?


    Why does Gen X not understand the mute feature on conference calls?


    why does gen x say “i ❤️ this” stop it


    why do gen x’rs look like they’re in severe pain when they take selfies like are they ok.

    Chandler from Friends smiling awkwardly for a photo


    why does gen x like podcasts so damn much


    Why do Gen Xers think The Simpsons is peak comedy?


    Why do Gen X people always make phone calls in public on speaker and yell instead of talk?


    why do gen xers reply only in gifs on this website. I don’t know what this Larry David clip is from I don’t understand the context please just use your fucking words


    Why is Facebook the unofficial diary of gen x? Can we get them all on livejournal or something?


    Why do Gen X/older millennials make FB posts like: "Sometimes you meet up with your friend Cooper at the park and then run into your other friend Jeremy and you realize it's Jeremy's birthday and he has ice cream and then you eat ice cream together."



    why do i hear so many stories about gen x women whose first experience with being turned on was the disney fox robin hood? what was wrong with them?

    Meg Ryan fakes climaxing in When Harry Met Sally and the Robin Hood fox


    Why do gen x men find a random ass brand and choose to make that their personality trait?


    Important question. Why do Gen X parents consider the game show network to be the like, "default" tv station?


    Why do Gen X insist on keeping their ringtones on in the office. Set it to vibrate, Helen.


    Why do Gen x’s always comment on how millennials should put away their phones and live in the moment and yet are always the ones recording the whole entire concert for 1 person watching their Facebook live

    Ice Cube looks annoyed


    whats with gen x moms and loving the singer p!nk


    Whats with gen x and boomers always asking if millenials, were at the club the night before anytime we show up tired? No, tim It was tuesday


    @coherentstates @ByYourLogic Gen X believes that playing guitar badly is a revolutionary act

    Alright, Gen X. Feel free to set these people straight in the comments. And use as many ellipses as you want!