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    11 Secret-Menu Items At Disneyland That Will Put You In A Glorious Food Coma

    If you thought you liked their food before, wait until you see these!

    Psst! Hey, you. YES, YOU! Did you know there are secret menu items at Disneyland?

    Here's what you can feast on at Disneyland if you're in the know, wink wink:

    1. "Firefly" Corn Chip Chili Cheese Pie with Jalapeños

    2. A Galactic Burger served "Alien Style"

    3. Ice Cream Nachos

    4. "Electra"-fried Spicy Chicken Sandwich

    5. Fantasia Ice Cream Whoopie Pie Sandwich

    6. Fried Mozzarella Sticks

    7. Malibu Mocha Smoothie

    8. Mac 'n' Cheese Bread Bowl

    9. Neapolitan Shake

    10. The Zocalo Burrito

    11. Loaded BBQ Tots

    Yum! I want to go to there.