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    23 Problems Only Parents Will Understand

    Mo' kids, mo' problems.

    1. Getting your kid into this and then hearing, "I have to go potty."

    2. Trying to somehow make it to a 4 o'clock Little League game.

    3. Figuring out how the heck to get your kid out of this thing.

    4. Trying to finish shopping without passing the toy section.

    5. When your kid insists you read the long bedtime story.

    6. Trying to pretend you don’t know what’s up when your teenage son takes his third shower of the day.

    7. Feigning interest in your kids' favorite things.

    8. When your kid gets ahold of your phone.

    9. Having to get up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday for soccer.

    10. Explaining what happened to Hannah Montana.

    11. Retraining your kids after a weekend of being spoiled by the grandparents.

    12. Being told at 10 p.m. that your kid needs to bring three dozen cookies to school the next day.

    13. Finding your stroller at Disneyland.

    14. Trying to find out what happened at school.

    15. Needing to go to the bathroom when your baby is asleep on you.

    16. When your kid forgets her favorite toy at the mall and you promise to go back and find it.

    17. Trying to help your kid with math homework.

    18. When your kid asks if you've ever tried marijuana.

    19. Keeping it together after letting your kid take the car out for the night.

    20. Trying not to be so embarrassing.

    21. Being nice to your daughter's prom date after he rolls up like this:

    22. Having to be as quiet as possible during sex.

    23. Trying not to cry at your kid's high school graduation.

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