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    18 Problems All Parents Will Understand On Halloween

    The only thing you're going to be for Halloween is exhausted.

    1. Stumbling across the Halloween stuff at Target in August and trying to keep your kids from getting Halloween fever.

    Flickr: stacylynn / Via Creative Commons

    It is way too early for this, Target.

    2. Discouraging your kids from saying "stupid" after they watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

    Warner Bros. Television

    How many times exactly do the Peanuts say "stupid" in this thing?

    3. Trying to carve a pumpkin that looks halfway decent without cutting yourself in the process.

    4. Getting tagged in a photo from a Halloween party you went to in college and your kid seeing it.

    Now you seriously regret insisting that your kid "friend" you on Facebook.

    5. Trying to keep your kids from being scared to death by the increasingly scary store displays.

    This one was randomly at a hardware store. A HARDWARE STORE! Nowhere is safe.

    6. Buying a jumbo bag of candy to give out on Halloween, then eating all of it yourself and having to buy another one.

    Oh, the shame.

    7. Searching in vain for the hard-to-find costume your kid says they absolutely must have...

    8. Saying screw it and deciding to make the damn thing yourself...


    9. And then -โ€” upon finishing the costume after 30 hours and 3 emotional breakdowns โ€” hearing your kid announce they now want to be something else.


    10. Making treats for your kid's Halloween party at school that (fingers crossed) don't end up Pinterest fails.

    Flickr: joebart / Via Creative Commons

    Of course, no matter the outcome, you'll spend hours on these suckers.

    11. Spending an entire weekend decorating your house and yard for Halloween...

    12. Only to have the result pale in comparison to what your neighbor did.

    13. Listening to your kid beg to go to the pumpkin patch because in 2014 they're practically amusement parks.

    Flickr: votrobeck / Via Flickr: robotbuddy

    When we were kids they had pumpkins and... pumpkins. That was it.

    14. Getting roped into participating in new Halloween traditions like You've Been Booed.

    Just another thing you have to carve out time and money for.

    15. Trying to keep it together when you let your older kids go trick or treating by themselves.


    You must resist the urge to dress as Chewbacca and follow them down the street.

    16. Explaining why Ms. Stevens from next door went outside in her underwear.

    Flickr: nathaninsandiego / Via Creative Commons

    17. Dealing with Halloween candy induced meltdowns.

    Flickr: ronjogers / Via Creative Commons

    Too. Much. Sugar.

    18. Setting a "one candy per day" rule for your kids after Halloween, then not being able to stop yourself from dipping into their stash.


    As a result you gain ten pounds. Happy Halloween!

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