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If You Only Learned About A Sibling Later In Life — What's It Been Like?

Someone's got some 'splainin' to do.

When it comes to siblings, they usually enter your life the minute you — or they — are born.

new born baby crying in the doctor's arms

But “secret siblings” are different. They’re ones you discover later in life, often by accident or happenstance. Sometimes, in fact, you become aware of them even though your parents hoped you never would.

shocked person saying another sibling

So, if you have a secret sibling, we want to hear about it!

Did you take a DNA test and not believe your eyes when it said you were a 100% match for a sibling you’d never heard of?

closeup of a person holding up a test tube

Did someone contact you out of the blue alleging they were (rightly) your sibling?

person looking at the phone saying wait what

Did someone spill the beans that your “cousin” was actually your sibling?

circle around a person with the label cousin cooter scratched out to add brother cooter

Or did you meet someone who looked so much like you it was uncanny, and then the truth came spilling out — you’re siblings!

twins looking at a photo

I won’t make up any more scenarios because I’m sure your stories are far better than what I can imagine. Tell us your story in the comments below — or via this totally anonymous form — and it could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!