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29 Ding-Dongs Who Told Bald-Faced Lies On The Internet For Clout

These people are either really dumb, or think we're really dumb.

1. Oh my goodness! These kids sure OWNED their parent with this event that totally happened!

books filling up a door frame

2. Amazing to think this place is still in business what with all the drop kicking of toddlers!

3. What are the odds?! Can you believe it landed just like this instead of being, oh I don't know, placed this way?

4. Yikes! This teacher's board needs to be INVESTIGATED! How could they ever think it'd be appropriate to put a 15 year old in charge of sex ed?!

5. I have real questions for this school, too! Removing kids for dressing too country? Since this obviously happened exactly as this person said, I demand answers!

6. Oh boy! Can you believe this "real, actual resume" this office really, actually received?

resume with "idk" written under work experience

7. This guy made this woman say, "You're right, I'm sorry" in like ten seconds! He has GOT to be a bonafide genius (please ignore the fact he misspelled "hypocrisy").

8. Oh my! What a hilarious mix-up! It's WILD they never noticed at any point along the way what they were doing!

9. Now this is inspiring! If this doesn't convince you to always demand your worth (by asking for twice the offered salary, being offered three times as much, and then turning it down), I don't know what will!

10. You also gotta hand it to this person who turned down this huge raise and promotion they were definitely offered! Talk about commitment to EARNING your way!

11. Gasp! PlayStation...or maybe Amazon...has some real explaining over this package that arrived like this with 100% certainty!

12. Speaking of delivered packages, here's something that definitely happened as presented!

13. Yikes! I would NOT like to run into this very real guy in a dark alley!

14. And I wouldn't want to cross this badass who I have no doubt did THIS...and then was applauded by a crowd of people!

15. My mind is blown! How amazing is it that a cat did this all by themselves?

16. Whoa! Folks, I'm starting to think that everything I've learned about animals in my life is wrong!

17. Oof! With real doctors out there like this, we REALLY need to be nice!

18. Ditto for the real paramedics out there doing stuff like this, too!

19. OMG! This small child took their mom's photo and posted it to their mom's Facebook with this eloquent caption! So that happened!

20. And this totally true anecdote from Joe the feminist really makes you think!

21. Kind of hard to believe a librarian would be OK with this, but I guess she was! Another one that makes you think!

22. Imagine ordering four sliders to your hotel room and being sent this! Kind of weird to accept 16 huge pans when you only ordered some sliders, but let's not twist this! The restaurant REALLY messed up!

23. And speaking of restaurants doing messed up things, look at this salad! I mean, come on! What logical, believable reason would make this restaurant think this was a good idea?

24. My goodness! Some people just have a gift!

25. I had no idea you could hack a treadmill with a cell phone! Or make it go 50 miles per hour! I sure am learning stuff today!

26. I see no reason whatsoever why this person would make up this story, so it's gotta be real!

27. This guy is not to be messed with! I'm not sure how anyone is supposed to know he's drinking a straight black coffee when it's in a cup and all, but still...what a toughie!

28. What a story! I guess the only logical conclusion here is that everyone on this plane was REALLY into her TikTok!

29. And lastly, this guy is getting sent all kinds of nudes just because he answered this question with the word "boobs." Totally believable!

To all of these people, may I just say....