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If You Got Married Or Engaged Super Fast And Regret It, What Went Wrong?

These people jumped head first into love.

When it comes to romance, we like to believe in ideas like "love at first sight" and "when you know, you know." These notions often lead to people getting engaged or married fast — and while many of these couples last — others realize too late that not taking their time was a major, MAJOR mistake. (And if you've seen the "Who TF Did I Marry" TikToks, you know it's true.)

Two actors portraying a couple looking at each other, in a diner setting, showing a moment of connection

For example, maybe your new fiancé/spouse seemed great, but as time passed, they revealed a dark side that came out more and more.

Screenshot from "You"

Or maybe they had hidden addiction issues, like a gambling problem that you only discovered when your new joint account kept draining.

Screenshot from "Insecure"

Maybe you learned too late that your fiancé/spouse's family or friend group was impossible to deal with, creating a bunch of unexpected problems in your life.

Woman on a Netflix show with subtitle text "We're dysfunctional but we're family."

Or maybe you learned too late that you had different dreams, like you wanted kids but they didn't, or they dropped the bomb on you that they hoped to move to, like, the Alaskan wilderness.

Aerial view of a glacier winding through mountains, seen from an airplane window

Perhaps they failed to mention some disturbing crime they committed, or that they already had a kid or two which, oh yeah, they "forgot" to mention.

A person is handcuffed with their hands behind their back in a dimly lit room

You get the idea — if you rushed into an engagement or marriage and later realized it was a mistake for whatever reason, we want to hear about it! Let us know via this totally anonymous form or in the comments below and it could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.