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    19 Passive-Aggressive Notes People Must Have Felt SO GOOD Writing

    Confrontation is hard. Writing a note is easy!

    Confronting someone face to face is hard. But you know what's a whole lot easier and almost as satisfying? Writing a passive-aggressive note for them to find!


    Here are 19 note writers who really left it all on the page:

    1. This person who is absolutely overdoing all the cooking:

    2. This person who is finished picking up dog poo:

    3. And this person who is equally tired of it — and has receipts:

    4. This laundromat worker who did not sign up for a peep show:

    5. This mom whose teenager is on her last nerve:

    6. This neighbor who wants the couple in 101 to KEEP IT DOWN:

    7. This neighbor who wants the "concert" to end:

    8. And this apartment neighbor who — while impressed by the couple next door's stamina — can't deal with the squeaky bed:

    9. This kid whose Mother's Day card absolutely slammed his mom's homework helping abilities:

    10. This roommate who had to spell out what it takes not to be nasty in the bathroom:

    11. And this person who looks like they're dealing with something similar, but worse:

    12. This person whose "don't worry..." should be read with as much sarcasm as possible:

    13. This hungry person who reached the "vend" of their rope:

    14. This snarky coworker who was tired of people forgetting their tea in the kitchen:

    15. And this coworker who had something much more objectionable to complain about:

    16. This litter remover who had a totally sincere holiday greeting for whoever dumped all these beer cans:

    17. This person with impressive handwriting was fed up with someone with not-so-impressive parking skills:

    18. This coworker who — despite there being no video camera in the kitchen — decided to put the fear of God in someone:

    19. And this coworker whose passive aggression came with an assist from an absolute icon:

    Basically everyone who wrote these notes:

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