25 Parents Share The Parenting Hacks They Can't Live Without

    It takes a village — and some genius hacks — to raise a child.

    We asked followers of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the parenting hack they could not live without:

    1. Raise the triangles on the sides of a juice box to make it easier for little kids to lift.

    2. Childproof cabinet doors using hair ties.

    3. Ward off your kid's nightmares with "nightmare spray."

    4. Trick picky eaters into eating their dinner by "replacing it" with another meal.

    5. Remove marker and crayon from most surfaces using toothpaste.

    6. Train toddlers to stop on command with the "Stop and Go" game.

    7. Keep from losing child-sized socks by washing them together in a garment mesh bag.

    8. Trick toddlers who refuse to eat dinner into coming to the table by pretending to eat their food.

    9. Put post-it notes over the sensors of automatic flushing toilets to keep them from flushing suddenly and scaring your kid.

    10. Use a pizza cutter to quickly cut pancakes into child-sized bites.

    11. Make a "school lunch station" so your kids can pack their own lunches in the morning.

    12. Snap a photo of your kid next to a standard height object (like a door handle) before you go out so that — should you get separated from each other — you'll have a record of what they look like that day.

    13. Put a key ring on your child's jacket to make it easier for them to zip up.

    14. Deter little kids from complaining about doing things by telling them they're in a race with their sibling to complete them.

    15. Bring Ziploc bags to the movies to make individual popcorn bags for your kids.

    16. Put complete outfits into Ziploc bags so smaller kids can pick their own outfits without you having to worry their choices won't match.

    17. Use a colored clock to help your kids understand your day's schedule.

    18. Use a baby toothbrush to clean under a toddler's nails.

    19. Put glow sticks into the bath to encourage dirt-loving kids to take a bath.

    20. Limit power struggles with your kids by never asking open-ended questions.

    21. Use shoe organizers to organize your kid's things in the car.

    22. Make PB&J sandwiches less messy by using the jelly pocket method.

    23. Keep Lego mini-figures on your key chain to entertain your kid in a pinch.

    24. Put diapers, travel wipes, and diaper cream in a gallon-sized storage bag for an easy travel-changing bag.

    25. Use puppy pads to make cleaning up a middle of the night accident a snap.