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    25 Parents Who Gave Their Kids Life So They Could Hilariously Troll Them

    They raised you, and now they're going to bring you back down.

    1. The mom who trolled her kid even on their 17th birthday.

    2. And the dad who — after taking away his daughter's phone and sending her to her room — slipped this under her door.

    3. The mom who sent her single son this helpful suggestion:

    4. The dad who decided to check out his 8-year-old son's iPad search history, and well...

    So my dad decided to check the history on my 8 year old brothers ipad... watch till the end 😂

    5. The mom who was not going to let her daughter's typo go by without making fun of it.

    6. The dad who put his son's fake ID shame on blast all over social media.

    7. The mom who reminded her daughter who is still queen.

    8. And the dad who is still collecting old debts.

    9. The parents who sent their son this not-at-all subtle message:

    10. The dad who went ALL OUT when reenacting his daughter's selfie.

    therealburrmartin / Via

    11. Also the parents whose take on their son’s Facebook photo was eerily on point.

    Peri Anderson / Via

    12. Also, let's not forget the moms who...😂...did this:

    13. The dad who photobombed his daughter's prom photo.

    14. The mom who razzed her kid on Snapchat.

    15. And the dad who was not here for his daughter's filter.

    16. The mom who — when her smart-aleck son joked he wanted a urinal cake for his birthday — came through.

    17. The parent who pulled this harmless yet too-funny prank:

    18. The "sentimental" dad who texted his daughter this touching snapshot:

    mangobomb91 / Via

    19. The mom who wasn’t about to let her kid skip out on a chore.

    20. The dad who left this comment on his daughter’s photo with her boyfriend:

    Dad wrote, "Glad they're blue!" LOLOLOL.

    21. The parents who sent their kid at camp this troll-y postcard:

    cookingcorps / Via

    22. The dad who formally rejected his son's request for $20.

    23. The mom who told her son this was the only cup he could drink alcohol out of in college:

    llllllllgefvhnnu / Via

    24. The dad who dropped off his daughter at school while cosplaying as a war boy from Mad Max: Fury Road.

    happidonut / Via

    25. And the parents who repainted their house — except for their son's room.

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