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    Parents Are Putting "Don't Touch My Baby!" Signs On Their Baby's Car Seats

    "Pretty sad you even have to post a sign these days..."

    With flu season approaching, you may have spotted signs like this one on babies' car seats:

    babytagsph / Via

    If you haven't, you probably will soon!

    This new parenting trend has been blowing up on Etsy:

    Not too long ago, Breastfeeding Mama Talk shared a photo of one of these signs and asked, "Would you put this on your baby's carseat?"

    A lot of the responses came with a virtual eyeroll: "No, I would not, this world is turning into a bunch of weak fruit loops. Children need germs, their bodies need to learn to fight off sickness."

    Some came with a bit of the "in my day" perspective: "Good Lawd how did we all survive... We were touched, handed to strangers in the grocery while mom dug through her purse cause we had no baby carrier, no car seats..."

    But others — especially parents of premies and babies with compromised immune systems — were all for it: "Got one for my preemie baby! So far being home from PICU [pediatric intensive care unit] it works!"

    And: "My son was born with major heart defects and undergone surgeries... Pretty sad you even have to post a sign these days cause people just don't have common sense."

    And then there were parents of perfectly-healthy babies who like the idea: "I'm not afraid of the germs, I just don't like strangers trying to touch my babies!"

    Regardless of which side you come down on, a baby's immune system isn't fully developed until their second or third month, so taking precautions is smart — especially during flu season!

    So, moms and dads, I know you have thoughts! What do you think?


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