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Parents Are Obsessed With These 21 Trader Joe’s Products

"My kids love going there. It's like Disneyland but we leave with food."

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the items their kids love the most at Trader Joe's. Here are their sometimes healthy, sometimes just yummy recommendations:

2. Soy Creamy Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

danigoesvegan / Via

My son is allergic to dairy and I am so thankful that Trader Joe's has delicious vanilla soy ice cream! Other soy ice cream brands we've tried are way too sweet but the vanilla one at Trader Joe's is super yummy!



5. Curried Carrot and Cashew Dip

I just tried the Curried Carrot and Cashew Dip and it's so so yummy. It's obviously not for nut-free kids, but it's very low in sugar (1g) and high in vitamins, bright orange, and sweet to boot!

—Haley Kate, Facebook


17. Roasted Gorgonzola Flavored Oven Crisp Crackers

eclectic.boho / Via

My daughter is obsessed with the Gorgonzola Crackers. She has been since she was one and a half. We always have to have a box around for her.

—Amy Ortega, Facebook


20. Microwavable Mac & Cheese

It's actually really good mac and cheese! It's also perfect for the nights when my husband and I want something spicy to eat. Our 5-year-old isn't a fan of spice so this saves me from having to make an entire meal just for him. It's also great for a quick snack, even for myself.