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    23 People Who Have Most Definitely Been Fired By Now

    They literally had one job.

    1. Whoever stocked these gift cards:

    They’re different colors? Super hard from onejob

    2. Whoever loaded this corn onto the train:

    I think you forgot to close the corn car... from onejob

    3. Whoever designed this table:

    Hmm ok then from onejob

    4. Whoever made this deck:

    Try Not to rage from onejob

    5. Whoever is responsible for this expiration date:

    Legend has it that it's still good to this day from onejob

    6. Whoever designed this slide:

    ouch, ouch and ouch. Just .. why?? from onejob

    7. Whoever is responsible at the Wax Museum for this Star Wars display:

    I think they hired the one person who worked there who had never seen Star Wars to make these from onejob

    8. Whoever did this to the tape measure:

    Civil engineering in South America. from onejob

    9. Whoever put in these stairs (or maybe whoever put in the door):

    How Is This So Common? from onejob

    10. Whoever handled the lips on middle Elsa:

    Poor Elsa was fearlessly and wonderfully made from onejob

    11. Whoever laid down this jumbled message:

    Hit yourself you will from onejob

    12. Whoever delivered this pizza:

    Your pizza sir from onejob

    13. Whoever programmed these gas pumps:

    Just paid $2.14 for a full tank of gas because someone forgot how decimals work from facepalm

    14. Whoever is in charge of this sprinkler:

    Safety first from onejob

    15. Whoever is in charge of changing this sign:

    No, I don’t agree from onejob

    16. Whoever dressed this mannequin:

    Mannequins are too complicated from onejob

    17. Whoever accepted this return:

    Guess it was a long day at work from onejob

    18. Whoever sold this ticket:

    The view is 10/10 from onejob

    19. Whoever proofed this sign:

    Proofing, Always a good idea. from onejob

    20. Whoever painted these lines:

    He was “just a little” drunk when painting from onejob

    21. And whoever painted this "SOPT":

    Come on, it’s right there from onejob

    22. Literally everyone involved in making this "no chew deterrent":

    That wasn't supposed to happen from WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    23. And these two, god love 'em:

    I think you‘re doing it right. from onejob

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