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    New Parents Need To Know This Baby Hack That Swept The Internet In 2014

    It's probably the most viral baby hack of all time.

    If you’re a new parent (or soon to be one), you might not know the mind-blowing onesie hack that took the internet by storm four or so years ago. Basically, this was every parent circa 2014:

    OK, so here's the (flashback) hack — it has to do with these envelope sleeves:

    It was always assumed the sleeves were there to make it easier to get a onesie over a baby's head, but Reddit user BB_Blogza pointed out that they're actually there for when your baby has diaper blowout.

    Why? So that you can pull the onesie DOWN off your baby instead of over their head making a huge mess! Because no one likes cleaning poop out of their baby's hair, right?

    In addition to Reddit user BB_Blogza, Mama Undone of Tiaras & Prozac helped spread the hack around the internet by posting this video showing how it works.

    View this video on YouTube

    And this has been your viral parenting hack blast from the past!