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19 Shockingly Beautiful Birth Photos From 2016

You have to see these.

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WARNING: Photos might be graphic to some readers.

1. This dad who took cutting the cord into his own hands, er, mouth.

Photographer: Apple Blossom Families / Via

2. This refreshingly real capture.

Krista Evans Photography / Via

3. This birthing that was a family affair.

Birth of Hope Doula & Lifestyle Photographer / Via

4. This mom who gave birth outdoors as the sun rose behind her.

Vanessa Brown Photography / Via

5. This tireless mom who continued to parent her boys even as she labored to have another.

Photographer: Jaydene Freund / Via

6. The sweet moment when this mom got a kiss of encouragement from her oldest.

Krista Evans Photography / Via

7. This father who was overcome with emotion as he welcomed his son into the world.

Cradled Creations Birth Photography / Via

8. And this mom whose heart grew a million sizes all at once.

Northern Accents Photography / Via

9. The beautiful moment when this mother — at long last and after much struggle — held her healthy baby born via surrogate.

Ashley Marston Photography / Via

10. And the equally beautiful moment when this surrogate brought the love of a child to this family.

Photographer: Cat McAteer / Via

11. This toddler who helped with his new sibling's weigh-in.

Felicia Chang Photography / Via

12. This mom who was busy birthing the placenta as dad held the baby.

Spiritual Birth Photography / Via

13. This mom who breastfed her big girl — and her brand-new baby girl — at the same time.

Amber Bourret Photography / Via

14. This touching shot of a mother holding her daughter as she labored to become a mother herself.

Heather Bays Photography / Via

15. This dad who was filled with emotion upon holding his baby girl for the first time.

Erin Shepley Photography / Via

16. The tranquil moment caught seconds after this little one entered the world.

Catherine Brown Photography / Via

17. This mom who knew that every contraction she endured brought her closer to holding her baby.

Katia G Photo / Via

18. This unforgettable entry into the world.

Photographer: Stacey Lorraine / Via

19. And the pure emotion of becoming three.

Photographer: Apple Blossom Families / Via

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