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19 Funny Photos That Will Make Sarcastic Moms Nod In Approval

Note: Pearl-clutching moms should skip this one.

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2. 😂🤣:

Via Alyce Kominetsky.
alyceoneword / Via

3. Fair question:

Via Mummy McMumface.
mummymcmumface / Via

4. Whyyyyyy:

Via Difficult Mommy.
difficultmommy / Via

5. This "deep breaths" moment:

Via Alyce Kominetsky.
Netflix/alyceoneword / Via


Via Mommy Memest.
mommymemest / Via

7. What Texas Toon said:

Via God Bless Internet.
godblessinternet / Via

8. This cutting remark:

Via the Pump and Dump Show.
thepumpanddumpshow / Via

9. Real talk:

Via Scary Mommy.
ScaryMommy / Via

10. Thanks, kids:

Via Mommy Memest.
Fox/mommymemest / Via

11. What about three kids?

Via mommieslivesmatter.
mommieslivesmatter / Via

12. Take that, prudes:

Via Dad and Buried.
dadandburied / Via

13. Anything but that!

Via Mommy Needs to Laugh.
AMC/mommyneedstolaugh / Via

14. Subtle:

Via Momcode.
momcode / Via Twitter: @momcodelife

Via Momcode.

15. Pleeeeeeeease:

Via BuzzFeed Parents.
Columbia/BuzzFeed Parents

16. Ugh:

Via Mama's Doody.
Paramoumnt/mamasdoody / Via Instagram: @mamasdoody

17. Mwahahahaha:

Via Difficult Mommy.
Disney/DifficultMommy / Via Instagram: @difficultmommy

18. 100% relatable:

Via mum_probs.

19. And last, this VERY accurate Google Arts and Culture Face Match:

Via the Dad.
thedad / Via

Via the Dad.

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