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    These 17 People Messed Up So Bad And We Have The Photos To Prove It

    Hiring a super cheap barber off Craigslist? That's a mistake.

    1. Installing traditional Japanese sliding doors in a home with a cat was...a mistake:

    2. Leaving pot cookies out for a dog to get into was...a mistake:

    3. Agreeing to fix whatever was making this car's engine sluggish was...a mistake:

    4. Hiring a cheap barber off of Craigslist was...a mistake:

    5. Grabbing the soy sauce when you meant to grab the syrup was...a mistake:

    6. Thinking this bear was hibernating was...a mistake:

    7. Tossing the wash in without giving it a second look was...a mistake:

    8. Trying to re-create your favorite scene from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was...a mistake:

    9. Going paintballing and not thinking it would hurt was...a mistake:

    10. Thinking you brought the leftover pizza to work for lunch when in reality you grabbed raw beef was...a mistake:

    11. Along those lines, getting ready for work in the dark and thinking you'd grabbed your AirPods was...a mistake:

    12. Thinking people just draw spiders on toilet paper as a prank was...a mistake:

    13. Taking your son's Xbox away and placing it on the stove was...a mistake:

    14. Thinking you could get your named embroidered on a jacket without thinking too much about the font was...a mistake:

    15. Thinking you had a mask in your pocket when you actually had a baby sock was...a mistake:

    16. Peeling your monitor thinking it had a screen protector on it was...a mistake:

    17. And lastly, refusing to replace these bald-ass tires on a rainy day was not a mistake...yet: