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19 Mind-Blowing Baby Shower Gifts For The 21st Century

Because today's babies are high-tech.

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1. Origami Power Folding Stroller / Via

This state of the art stroller not only opens and closes at the push of a button, but has an LCD dashboard, lights that come on in low light situations, and a built-in cell phone charger! Get it here for $849.99.


3. 37 Degrees Temperature Controlled Onesie

Babies are unable to regulate their temperature like adults, but these onesies (made out of the same smart material used for NASA's space suits) help babies stay at the optimal temperature and avoid overheating. Get one here for $50.

5. The World's First Portable UV Pacifier Sterilizer


This amazing gadget allows parents on-the-go to clean a pacifier even when they are away from water using nothing but the sun's rays! Get one here for $35.

6. Milkscreen Test Strips


Perfect for letting moms know when they do and don't need to "pump and dump," these strips need just two minutes to test breast milk for traces of alcohol. Get a box here for $12.99.


10. Withings Wireless Smart Kid Scale


This groundbreaking scale sends a baby's data to their parent's computer where it is plotted on charts that track their development (and accessible via an app). Get one here for $149.99.


11. Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer

Coast Innovations

Sleep deprived new parents will appreciate this impressive machine, which keeps track of a baby's feedings, naps, and diaper changes. Get one here for $22.95.

14. Dropcam Video Monitor


This top of the line baby monitor streams high-definiton footage to a computer, mobile device, or tablet no matter where you are. Additionally, it has cool features like two-way talk (so a parent can hear and talk to their baby). Get one here for $199.


15. Motion Sensing Sleep Sheep


This classic cutie has been updated with sensor-activated technology, which detects the baby's movement and plays comforting sounds to lull them back to sleep. Get one here for $30.95.

17. BabyPlus Prenatal Education System


When worn around a pregnant woman's stomach, this developmental tool delivers rhythmic "lessons" to the baby that strengthen their long term learning capabilities. Get one here for $149.99.

18. Vanity Handles

Gmail, Twitter, Vine, Instagram

Reserve a baby's vanity handles for Gmail and Twitter (and maybe even Vine and Instagram) as well as their name URL. Snapping these up now will allow a baby to be, say, BertThompson@Gmail as opposed to BertThompson3294@Gmail.

19. The Carkoon Baby Seat / Via

In the event of an accident the Carkoon deploys an airbag in 1/14th of a second that protects from flying debris and even fire. Perhaps more incredibly, the carseat alerts emergency personal to its location with GPS and supplies the baby with twenty minutes of oxygen until help arrives. Get one here for $855.