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    17 Dogs Who Are Going To Party Harder On The 4th Of July Than You

    "And I'm proud to be an Ameri-canine!"

    1. This patriotic pup is standing at attention during the national anthem (that or he just spotted a bee).

    theadventuresofremusjlupin / Via

    2. This pup is very patriotic โ€” but also thinking, "WTF are you crazy humans up to now?"

    sayrahannn / Via

    3. This party animal canNOT wait to get to the 4th of July barbecue.

    gypsyheart417 / Via

    4. This dog, meanwhile, got to the BBQ early and is already three or four drinks in.

    chipdreamsofbirds / Via

    5. This slightly self-conscious dog is asking her friends, "Is this too much?"

    norithecorgi / Via

    6. And this dog is like, "Too much! No you look ah-mazing! I wish I got my full coat dyed!"

    jmb5218 / Via

    7. This dog knows how to impress people with this flag in the mouth move.

    adventuresofbrowndog / Via

    8. But this dog is like, "You think a flag in the mouth is cute? Hold my dog bowl."

    funwithpupandjane / Via

    9. This dog is totally fantasizing he just won an Olympic gold medal.

    downtowndoglounge / Via

    10. This dog is waiting for their misbehaving pup to look over and see this "Cut it out!" look.

    bailey_woofs26 / Via

    11. This dog loves their country โ€” and also probably looks alarmingly like your Aunt Mildred.

    groomsbymisstawny / Via

    12. This dog is worrying that the little decoration by his leg looks like balls.

    brandierose214 / Via

    13. This dog is going to take some fire selfies today.

    14. This dog just spotted their crush at the barbecue.

    downtownkevin / Via

    15. And this dog just spotted their ex and is asking, "They were invited? Really?"

    buddy_the_yorkie06 / Via

    16. This dog keeps asking if anyone's got any weed.

    the_man_in_the_chair / Via

    And by "weed" he means actually weeds in the ground, because those are his favorite to pee on.

    17. And this dog is strutting away from a very patriotic poop.

    redrooffarmhouselove / Via

    Don't worry, their owner bagged it!

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