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27 Adorable Harry Potter Things Your Baby Needs

It's Gryffindorable.

1. These Gryffindor leg warmers.

2. You're going to need these Slytherin leg warmers too.

3. This flying key and broom mobile.

4. Don't worry, Slytherins. We've got you covered, too.

5. These adorable Gryffindor booties.

6. And, of course, these Slytherin booties.

7. These baby shoes with Harry's face on them are pretty awesome, too.

8. This beautiful, handmade quilt.

9. This wall decal featuring Dumbledore's timeless wisdom.

10. This art print — featuring Dobby and a message about the importance of friends — is also ideal for a baby room.

11. This onesie featuring an epic play-on-words.

12. This play-on-words is pretty great, too.

13. This heartwarming onesie.

14. This snuggly onesie.

15. This onesie that lets your baby rep their future school.

16. And this onesie that never forgets.

17. This baby-sized Gryffindor uniform.

18. Your baby's new best friend — this crocheted Dobby doll.

19. Or perhaps your baby would prefer a Mandrake?

20. These Harry, Hermione, and Ron plushies are pretty irresistible.

21. Cloth diapering? If so, check this one out.

22. This "Muggle on Board" decal for the car.

23. This knitted baby blanket.

24. This bib that's guaranteed to make Potterites smile.

25. This pun-tastic bib.

26. This bib that understands babies.

27. And this hilariously prescient burp cloth.