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    14 Kids Whose Lives Took Hilarious Turns In The Wrong Direction

    Regrets aren't just for adults.

    1. This kid who regrets putting his lollipop down for a second:

    linzegirl / Via

    2. This kid who regrets...doing whatever the heck he did to get himself in this position:

    WOWT 6 News ‏ / Via Twitter: @WOWT6News

    3. This kid who regrets not asking more specifics about how "school" works:

    my lil sis was so excited for her first day of school until she realized I couldn't stay w her lmfao

    4. This kid who regrets going into the pool in a regular diaper.

    lovethelocksyourock / Via

    OK...this one's probably on the parents, lol.

    5. This kid who regrets thinking flour would be fun to play with:

    6. This kid who regrets picking this spot when playing hide-and-seek:

    7. This kid who — after being asked to "name the quadrilaterals" — probably regrets not listening more in class:

    jaredhag23 / Via

    8. This kid who regrets getting into mom's glitter:

    3monkeyskreations / Via

    9. This kid who definitely regrets trying to pull a fast one:

    @Brittanyr7513 / Via Twitter: @Brittanyr7513

    Mom's note: "Mrs. Brinson, will you please contact me concerning a conference?"

    Response from "Mrs. Brinson": "No, I am so sorry, other moms have already asked me the same thing. And I got to do that so no thank you!"

    10. This kid who regrets forgetting to put water in their microwavable mac and cheese:

    curv12345 / Via

    11. This kid who definitely regrets choosing the seat behind her sister:

    @MiaSimper101 / Via Twitter: @MiaSimper101

    12. This kid who regrets not listening to his parents when they said, "Put your butt on the seat!":

    cbwhigham / Via

    13. This kid who regrets entering this play area:

    (You'll want the sound on for this one.)

    14. And this kid who DEFINITELY regrets sleeping in her older sister's room:

    @clarizzle_ / Via Twitter: @clarizzle_

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