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    Posted on May 27, 2018

    14 Kids Whose Lives Took Hilarious Turns In The Wrong Direction

    Regrets aren't just for adults.

    1. This kid who regrets putting his lollipop down for a second:

    linzegirl / Via

    2. This kid who regrets...doing whatever the heck he did to get himself in this position:

    WOWT 6 News ‏ / Via Twitter: @WOWT6News

    3. This kid who regrets not asking more specifics about how "school" works:

    my lil sis was so excited for her first day of school until she realized I couldn't stay w her lmfao

    4. This kid who regrets going into the pool in a regular diaper.

    lovethelocksyourock / Via

    OK...this one's probably on the parents, lol.

    5. This kid who regrets thinking flour would be fun to play with:

    6. This kid who regrets picking this spot when playing hide-and-seek:

    7. This kid who — after being asked to "name the quadrilaterals" — probably regrets not listening more in class:

    jaredhag23 / Via

    8. This kid who regrets getting into mom's glitter:

    3monkeyskreations / Via

    9. This kid who definitely regrets trying to pull a fast one:

    @Brittanyr7513 / Via Twitter: @Brittanyr7513

    Mom's note: "Mrs. Brinson, will you please contact me concerning a conference?"

    Response from "Mrs. Brinson": "No, I am so sorry, other moms have already asked me the same thing. And I got to do that so no thank you!"

    10. This kid who regrets forgetting to put water in their microwavable mac and cheese:

    curv12345 / Via

    11. This kid who definitely regrets choosing the seat behind her sister:

    @MiaSimper101 / Via Twitter: @MiaSimper101

    12. This kid who regrets not listening to his parents when they said, "Put your butt on the seat!":

    cbwhigham / Via

    13. This kid who regrets entering this play area:

    (You'll want the sound on for this one.)

    14. And this kid who DEFINITELY regrets sleeping in her older sister's room:

    @clarizzle_ / Via Twitter: @clarizzle_

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