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It's Impossible To Watch These Videos Of Baseball's Newest Hall Of Famers Getting "The Call" Without Feeling Something

"There's no crying in baseball!" Well, maybe a little crying.

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For these legendary ballplayers, being elected into the Hall of Fame is the culmination of a life’s work.

Videos of the new Hall of Famers receiving “the call” telling them they’ve made it have turned up on the internet, and we dare you to watch them without feeling something.

Here Trevor Hoffman receives his call surrounded by family):

Trevor Hoffman receiving the call notifying him of his election into the Hall of Fame. (courtesy of San Diego Padre…


Here is Jim Thome's equally emotional call:

Here is Vladimir Guerrero's life-changing call.

📞 HE’S IN! 📞 #VladHOF

And here is Chipper Jones' call (captured by current Braves' third baseman Freddie Freeman):