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33 "Before And After" Photos That Are Just So Interesting To Look At

Everything changes with time.

1. A Ken doll from 1985 next to a Ken doll from a few years ago:

Two Ken male dolls side by side, one with a patterned top, reflecting different generations of toys for Parents category

2. A modern tomato next to a tomato grown from 150-year-old seeds:

Two tomatoes of differing sizes on a wooden surface, with one showing signs of overripeness

3. And a building in New York before and after being power washed:

Two individuals in yellow raincoats on a building's fire escape

4. A box of Nerds candy from 1984 (discovered under someone's floorboard) and a box from recent years:

Two boxes of Nerds candy, one cherry cola flavored and one seriously strawberry flavored

5. A stack of dollar bills after being in circulation vs. a stack of brand new ones:

Two stacks of money bands on a green sofa, implying financial planning for parents

6. And hundred dollar bills from 1977, 2003, and 2017:

Three variously positioned US $100 bills on a dark surface

7. An Ancient Greek stadium before and after it was excavated by archaeologists:

Top: Overgrown field with trees. Bottom: Ancient amphitheater ruins with columns

8. A historical medical journal documenting the before and after of a tumor removal in the 17th century:

Illustration of two people with medical facial swellings from a historical medical text

9. And — much more recently — two MRIs of someone's brain before and after surgery to remove a tumor from their temporal lobe:

Two side-by-side MRI brain scans with red circles highlighting areas of interest

10. New chocolate chips vs. older ones (the change in color is called blooming and comes from being exposed to warm temperatures...they're still fine to eat!):

Bulk dispenser filled with chocolate chips, labeled at the bottom. Ideal for baking with kids

11. A reservoir in Glossop, England in 2022 (during a drought) and the same reservoir in 2023 after heavy rainfall:

Before and after views of a landscape with a river; lower levels of water visible in the first, restored levels in the second

12. And a college student's notes before and after they started taking ADD medication:

Handwritten notes with diagrams on notebook paper, related to biology and study topics

13. A new sewing needle vs. one used for four months:

Two sewing needles close-up with one slightly in front of the other

14. A 300-year-old sword before and after being restored:

Side-by-side comparison of a metal object before and after restoration

15. And — wow! — a viking axe before and after being restored:

Two images of an axe; top shows a corroded state, bottom displays intricate designs after restoration

16. A new TV remote vs. one used by a smoker:

Two television remotes side by side, one clean and the other covered with grime

17. A stuffed animal loved on for years vs. a brand new version of the same stuffed animal:

Two plush cheetah toys sitting side by side

18. And a dog before and after getting groomed:

Two side-by-side photos of the same fluffy white dog before and after grooming

19. A well-worn key vs. a freshly cut one for the same vehicle:

Three keys on a surface, two with oversized decorative heads, one with a blue tag attached

20. An actor in Turkey before and after putting on makeup for a play version of Victor Hugo's novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame:

Person in makeup chair before and after prosthetic transformation for a character

21. And Iskenderun, Turkey on February 5, 2023 after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake and a year later:

Before and after photos of a city's rebuilding progress, showing a cleared highway previously covered in rubble

22. A 1988 Toyota Hilux and the 2012 version of the same truck (it really shows you how much larger trucks have gotten over the years):

Two pickup trucks parked inside a warehouse, with various items and equipment in the background

23. The camera size of an original iPhone (right) vs. an iPhone 13 Pro:

Two Apple iPhones of different models lying on a patterned surface

24. And one terabyte of external hard drive storage in 2009 vs. in 2022:

A standing external hard drive leaning against an upright computer monitor on a wooden surface

25. A baseball cap after being worn while working outdoors for a year vs. a brand new one:

Two worn baseball caps with carhartt logos on a table, indicating parenting and everyday life

26. A week before someone's wisdom teeth extraction vs. one week after:

Two dental X-rays showing upper and lower teeth, used in discussing children's dental health

27. And a patient's iliac artery before and after an angioplasty procedure:

Two close-up images showcasing the difference in texture, with the left being smoother compared to the right's granular appearance

28. A transparent phone cover after four years of use vs. a brand new one:

Two smartphone cases, one clear and one opaque with wear, on a surface

29. An aged shopping cart wheel next to a brand new one:

Close-up of a stroller's worn-out left wheel beside an intact right wheel, highlighting the need for maintenance

30. And a guy's room before and after a girl said she would come over, LOL:

Before and after photos of a room; the first cluttered with trash, the second tidy with a desk setup

31. A five-year-old wok vs. a new version of the same brand:

Two frying pans on a stove, one appears well-used with scratches, the other is newer

32. A cat before and after being rescued off the street:

Two photos of the same white cat, one before and one after grooming, looking fluffier post-groom

33. And Bubbles, a neglected Labrador Retriever with a skin condition before and after he was brought into a shelter and given some love and treatment:

Side-by-side photos of the same dog before and after adoption, the latter showing improved health and a bandana