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26 Incredibly Meaningful Gifts You Can Give Your Kids

Because they don't need another Frozen toy.

1. A framed "watercolor painting" of their childhood home.

2. A box for saving ticket stubs.

3. A bound book of family recipes.

4. A sound wave necklace.

5. Oh, the Places You'll Go signed every year by your child's teacher.

6. Framed pennies from the birth year of each of your family members.

7. A "first" experience.

8. A family tree chalkboard.

9. A recording from yesteryear.

10. "Open when" letters.

11. A new edition of a favorite book you read to your kid when they were little.

12. A framed family letter.

13. Home state wall art.

14. A pendant with an engraved message in a loved one's handwriting.

15. Frame a favorite childhood toy in a shadow box.

16. You can also frame your kid's shoes with a photo of him or her wearing them.

17. A guitar pick with a personalized message.

18. A family history scrapbook.

19. Framed sand footprints.

20. Frame a favorite teddy.

21. A tree that you plant together.

22. A collection of family yearbooks.

23. A sign with a term or phrase of endearment.

24. A class that you sign up for together.

25. A charm bracelet.

26. A charitable gift in their name.

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