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26 Incredibly Meaningful Gifts You Can Give Your Kids

Because they don't need another Frozen toy.

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1. A framed "watercolor painting" of their childhood home.

It's quite easy to turn a photo into what looks like a watercolor painting using Photoshop or an app like Waterlogue. This is a terrific gift for when your family moves into a new home or your kid leaves for college. Learn more here.


9. A recording from yesteryear.

Flickr: soulo / Via Creative Commons

Record your child performing a song or your family engaging in conversation around the dinner table, then put it aside for safe keeping. Years later, it will make an incredible present for your child who won't believe their ears.


20. Frame a favorite teddy.

Not only is this a sweet way for your kid to keep their favorite teddy around, but it makes a great piece of art (and more unique than anything anyone else will have on their walls at college).


24. A class that you sign up for together.

Flickr: theuso / Via Creative Commons

It doesn't matter what the class teaches; your kid will always remember it. (Take it from a 38-year-old who fondly remembers the cooking class he took with his mom 30 years ago.)

25. A charm bracelet.

Flickr: katelinn / Via Creative Commons

Fill it up with charms that reflect your relationship with your child. It's also fun to make a habit of picking up new charms to give your kid whenever you stumble across one that is especially "them."