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26 Incredibly Meaningful Gifts You Can Give Your Kids

Because they don't need another Frozen toy.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. A framed "watercolor painting" of their childhood home.

It's quite easy to turn a photo into what looks like a watercolor painting using Photoshop or an app like Waterlogue. This is a terrific gift for when your family moves into a new home or your kid leaves for college. Learn more here.

2. A box for saving ticket stubs.

So your kid forever remembers the great things you did together. Learn more here.

3. A bound book of family recipes.

Flickr: airship / Via Creative Commons

Compile your family's recipes using recipe book software. These are especially meaningful when you include the recipes in your family member's original writing.

4. A sound wave necklace.

Your kid can wear a sound wave of you saying "I love you." Get one here.

5. Oh, the Places You'll Go signed every year by your child's teacher.

This one takes some long-term dedication, but it's worth it to give an amazing graduation present. Get tips for making one here.

6. Framed pennies from the birth year of each of your family members.

Simple, affordable, and surprisingly meaningful. Find the DIY here.

7. A "first" experience.

Flickr: wallyg / Via Creative Commons

There's nothing quite like taking your kid to their first theater production, concert, or sporting event (to name a few).

8. A family tree chalkboard.

Your kid will stare at this chalkboard for the rest of their life. Find the DIY here.

9. A recording from yesteryear.

Flickr: soulo / Via Creative Commons

Record your child performing a song or your family engaging in conversation around the dinner table, then put it aside for safe keeping. Years later, it will make an incredible present for your child who won't believe their ears.

10. "Open when" letters.

These make a wonderful gift for when your kid is going off to summer camp (or even college). Download the free template here.

11. A new edition of a favorite book you read to your kid when they were little.

Flickr: jimmiehomeschoolmom / Via Creative Commons

Be sure to put a warm inscription inside.

12. A framed family letter.

Do you have a letter one of your parents or in-laws sent to your child? Or a letter you sent to your partner in the early days of your relationship? If so, frame it.

13. Home state wall art.

All you need is a vintage map and frame to ensure that your kid never forgets where they're from (and loved). Find the how-to here.

14. A pendant with an engraved message in a loved one's handwriting.

This makes an especially meaningful gift for a child after a grandparent or other loved one passes away. Get one here.

15. Frame a favorite childhood toy in a shadow box.

16. You can also frame your kid's shoes with a photo of him or her wearing them.

This is ideal for ballet slippers or cleats. Learn more here.

17. A guitar pick with a personalized message.

Perfect for a musical kid, especially if you taught them their first chords. Get one here.

18. A family history scrapbook.

Take the time to make one now and your kids will have a connection to their family that won't get lost with time. Learn more here.

19. Framed sand footprints.

This is a sweet gift that will always bring your kid back to simpler times by your side. Find the tutorial here.

20. Frame a favorite teddy.

Not only is this a sweet way for your kid to keep their favorite teddy around, but it makes a great piece of art (and more unique than anything anyone else will have on their walls at college).

21. A tree that you plant together.

Flickr: shareski / Via Creative Commons

This teaches your child an important lesson about caring for the world, and it leaves a lasting reminder they can visit and sit below.

22. A collection of family yearbooks.

Onion-cutting ninjas are sure to appear if you give your kid this when they leave home. Learn more here.

23. A sign with a term or phrase of endearment.

Is there a sweet phrase you always say to your kid? Put it on a sign. Order one here.

24. A class that you sign up for together.

Flickr: theuso / Via Creative Commons

It doesn't matter what the class teaches; your kid will always remember it. (Take it from a 38-year-old who fondly remembers the cooking class he took with his mom 30 years ago.)

25. A charm bracelet.

Flickr: katelinn / Via Creative Commons

Fill it up with charms that reflect your relationship with your child. It's also fun to make a habit of picking up new charms to give your kid whenever you stumble across one that is especially "them."

26. A charitable gift in their name.

Teach your kid to look beyond themselves. Learn more here.

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