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    33 Slightly Weird People Who Did Some Absolutely Hilarious Stuff

    These people just look at the world a little differently.

    We all have that slightly weird person in our life (unless YOU'RE the slightly weird person) who just does things a little differently than everyone else.

    And you know what? Thank god! Because often how they see the world is really funny. Here are 33 very funny, and yes — slightly weird — people:

    1. The brother-in-law who looked at the graphic of a Browns' football helmet and saw a geriatric bunny with a walker.

    (Truth be told I kinda see it too.)

    A drawing of the Browns' helmet makes it look like an old bunny with a walker

    2. And the mom who looked at her water bottle and saw a Transformer.

    3. The person who — for reasons known only to them — mailed their sister one square of toilet paper.

    4. And the brother who gave his sibling a modified kid card on their 29th birthday.

    5. The animal hospital employee who decided to put this on the sign.

    6. The person who seriously thought they could fit this into their car.

    But — hats off — they somehow pulled it off.

    7. The cat owner who got slippers that matched their cats.

    8. The slightly weird (and more than slightly horny) person who wrote this on their girlfriend's new blanket.

    9. The spouse who happily chowed down on these dog biscuits thinking they were Christmas cookies.

    To be fair, they COULD have written "dog treats" a little larger.

    A box of what looks like cookies has the small note dog treats on it

    10. The person who boasted about finally buying a house.

    11. The spouse who — after their wife sat on a wet towel — made this observation.

    12. And the gardener who did this when they weren't paid for cleaning out this person's backyard.

    13. The chef who made this onion ring tower for someone dining with their mom.

    14. And the dad who couldn't resist making this A+ dad joke.

    Yes, this is peak dad energy.

    A man pushes the word "press" written on another man's shirt

    15. The person who saw this lemon and immediately thought of the Sprite logo.

    16. The person at this brewery who decided to name their latest beer "Your Manager Is a Bitch" after a recent angry email.

    Here's the email in question:

    17. And the teacher who proudly framed this note confiscated from one of their students.

    18. The boyfriend who decided to give his partner these books on their anniversary.

    In case you couldn't read the titles above, here they are: How to Live With a Huge Penis and Position of the Day.

    19. And the person who, after fighting with their girlfriend and getting the silent treatment for three days, sent her a gift with this message.

    20. The family member who said, "There's some Tums in the medicine cabinet"...which expired in 2006.

    21. The person who noticed this ad and had this thought.

    22. The cameraperson who just let this segment go on without mentioning there was someone literally fighting for their life in the background.

    I mean, this person...

    An unsteady skier slips down stairs in the snow


    An unsteady skier slips down stairs in the snow


    An unsteady skier slips down stairs in the snow


    An unsteady skier slips down stairs in the snow

    23. The person who opened this Unnecessary Necessities store with a perfect tagline.

    24. The Minnesotan who took advantage of the -2 weather by freezing some pajamas.

    Now that's cold!

    frozen pajamas stand in the snow

    Later the same person updated everyone to say that slightly warmer weather had melted the pajamas Matrix-style.

    25. Speaking of cold weather, the librarian who put out this sign.

    26. The Ikea worker who came up with these fake game names.

    27. The 10-year-old who made their parent a birthday card with detailed drawings of their cats' buttholes.

    28. Whoever put this bumper sticker on their car.

    It reads:

    A bumper sticker reads honk if you'd rather be watching the 1999 cinematic masterpiece the mummy

    29. Cameron the Uber driver who put this sign up for his passengers.

    30. The person who put this toilet paper holder in their...throne room.

    31. The person at this festival handing out little bags of Coke.

    32. The person who brought this cake in on their last day at a job.

    33. And Taylor, who left this comment.