34 Hilarious People Who Must've Made Themselves Laugh So Freaking Hard

    I need more people like this in my life.

    1. The person who hung this banner on their coworker's last day:

    Banner across office cubicle reads "RUDE THAT YOU'RE LEAVING BUT OK", possibly a coworker's humorous farewell

    2. The driver who took way too long to realize the drawing on the back of this gardening truck is not of two people sticking their butts together...but hands holding soil:

    A gardening services sticker on a car that looks like two butts together

    3. And the, uh, enthusiastic lover who — after having sex — saw this on their phone:

    Notifications showing sound recognition alerts for a dog barking multiple times

    4. The husband who decided to give this to his wife as a way to let her know he was in the mood:

    Two novelty coins with inscriptions; top says “Best Screw in Town,” and bottom “Good For All Night.”

    5. The girlfriend who — when her boyfriend texted that they should go see Dune 2 — wrote back "We have Dune 2 at home" and attached this photo of their cat:

    Two images: Top shows a cat hiding in a blue blanket, resembling a hooded figure. Bottom is a hooded character from "Dune: Part Two"

    6. And the boyfriend/modern-day Picasso who made a face out of his girlfriend's hair from the shower:

    hair made into the shape of a face on a shower wall

    7. The person who — upon moving out of this house — left something behind in the crawlspace to surprise the new owners with:

    a mannequin head in a crawlspace

    8. Whoever managed to get this joke onto a WGN news show:

    TV screen showing a satirical list titled "Top Amish Porn Stars" with a fake name and photo of a man in Amish-style attire

    9. The Taylor Swift fan who — because they were skipping work to see the Taylor concert — did a TV interview like this:

    Person in oversized fuzzy costume with sunglasses being interviewed, caption mentions "TAYLOR SWIFT FAN" hiding identity

    10. And the person who told the surgery center their ride home was with their "dungeon master":

    Form with handwritten details for post-surgery care, with sections for patient's responsible adult, relationship, and transport information

    11. The jokester who pulled a fast one on the DMV and got this vanity plate approved (try reading it upside down and backwards):

    A license plate that spells "asshole" when read upside down and backwards

    12. The driver of this Porsche who also had a good laugh about their vanity plate:

    Rear view of a sports car with the license plate "1.9 GPA" in traffic

    13. And the cheeky bastard who wrote this on a sign outside a pub:

    Sign outside a venue humorously states "ALL AMERICANS Must BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT."

    14. The smart-ass kid who had this response when a test problem asked them how they knew the answer:

    Child's math worksheet with handwritten answer: "I just know" in response to "Tell how you know."

    15. The person who baked this cookie, then decided the poor feller was just too sad to eat:

    A chocolate chip cookie with a pattern that resembles a frowning face

    16. And the person who ordered this jar so they'd never be "all out":

    a jar with the label "fucks to give"

    17. These buddies who like to do everything together:

    Two men jokingly pose using the same urinal

    18. The person who sat behind this guy and cracked up before snapping this photo:

    An individual on a bus sits in front of an anti-graffiti ad showing handcuffed hands

    19. And the kid who made this shadow (how have I never seen anyone do this in all my life? LOL):

    a child making a shadow of a frog on the ground

    20. The Pizza Hut employee who went all Weird Al and changed the lyrics to Papa Roach's "Last Resort":

    "Cut my life into pizzas"

    21. The (I'm assuming) single mom who put this on her car:

    Family stick figure decal on a car, indicating a mom, vibrator, and one child, alongside a license plate

    22. And the adults who put this on their car, too:

    Sticker on a car window reads "ADULTS ON BOARD, WE WANT TO LIVE TOO!", parody of baby on board signs

    23. The guy who put googly eyes on his fiancée's tampons and then waited for her reaction when she went into the bathroom:

    Tampons with googly eyes on them

    24. The patient who — when their doctor asked how their back felt — showed them THIS photo:

    Ancient tree with a trunk resembling a man bending over in pain

    25. And the person who almost definitely snorted and said "Nice" before snapping this photo:

    Digital sign outside Fairfield Area Library displaying time as 4:20 PM and temperature as 69°F

    26. The artist who painted this giant duckie on a painting they found in the trash:

    Framed painting of a cheerful cartoon duck in a winter landscape with a cabin and trees

    27. The college student who had a little fun doctoring this "TOBACCO FREE CAMPUS" sign on campus:

    Sign on brick wall stating campus is tobacco-free, banning use of such products, but someone made it spell "TACO"

    28. And the librarian who arranged this perfectly on-point display:

    Sign on empty bookstore shelf reads "National Procrastination Week March 1-7"

    29. The funny person who made this pancake art of Shaquille O'Neal:

    Pancake art of a surprised Shaquile O'neil's face

    30. The American shopper who snickered every time they saw this product in a German grocery store:

    "Dickmilch yogurt"

    31. And whoever wrote the description on this T-bone steak:

    Packaged T-bone steak with a label jokingly stating "humanely raised but occasionally verbally abused."

    32. The person who snapped this hilariously distorted shot of their cat:

    A cat peeks through a transparent bowl on a table, looking curious, in a domestic setting

    33. The shopper who — after picking up this trio of embarrassing items — saw the self checkout was closed:

    A hand holds a bottle of Neutrogena T/Sal shampoo next to a container of Vaseline and a pack of Odor-Eaters insoles on a store shelf

    34. And the wife who — when her husband complained he couldn't tell the difference between the salt and pepper shakers on the left — replaced them with the equally confusing ones on the right:

    Four modern salt and pepper grinders on a kitchen counter

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