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    40 Halloween Costumes That Were So Good, They Went Viral (And It's Easy To See Why)

    They're so good, it's almost not fair.

    Halloween is almost here — do you know what your costume is going to be? If not, here are a bunch of incredible costumes that went viral in recent years to inspire you!


    Or, if you're like me and have no plans to dress up, these are just awesome to look at!

    1. This girl made the best of being hit by a car and dressed up as the perfect Regina George from Mean Girls:

    2. And this guy teamed up with his pug to be an A+ Elliott and E.T. from E.T. the Extraterrestrial:

    3. Dressing up as a famous painting is also a cool idea. This guy dressed up as a van Gogh self-portrait:

    4. Ditto for this guy (who had a slightly different approach):

    5. And this artistic soul dressed up as a Picasso painting:

    6. This "I Scream Sundae" costume was also really creative:

    7. Another way to go? Funny! And I think it goes without saying that dressing as a sexy Clippy is very, very funny:

    8. Also funny? Dressing as a sexy Slimer from Ghostbusters:

    9. OMG, this one was also so funny:

    10. Dressing up as someone famous is fun too, especially if it's not the most obvious way to do it:

    11. And hey, if you dress as #8, you might as well get a friend to dress as his bestie too:

    12. Thanos from the MCU? Epic:

    13. This Ed (aka Kel) from Good Burger was spot-on too:

    14. And this Transformers-plus-Amazon mashup delivered:

    15. Speaking of mashups, this French-and-the-band-Kiss idea was super funny/cute:

    16. One more mashup people loved — Bert from Sesame Street plus Burt Reynolds:

    17. This couple's costume from The Shining was scarily good:

    18. Speaking of movie costumes, you gotta give it up for this Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus:

    19. This Craig-from-Friday costume was great too, although if you leave the porch, people might not know who you are so easily, lol:

    20. This stormtrooper from Star Wars was also amazing:

    21. Now, THIS is how you do Marty McFly from Back to the Future II:

    22. THIS is how you go as Hannibal Lecter:

    23. And THIS is how you dress up from How to Train Your Dragon:

    24. One more movie costume idea — the Wet Bandits from Home Alone:

    25. OK, some other creative costumes...I love this "fire" one:

    26. And this Cosmic Brownie costume is hilarious and super easy to make (the muscles aren't so easy to get, but the dots...those are easy):

    27. These people went as black-and-white TV characters from the '50s:

    There was some debate in the comments about whether they really dressed like this or if they got help from Photoshop, but I don't see how you couldn't do this with some makeup and hair dye/spray.

    28. OK, wow, just look at this costume (not the pumpkin, but the surprise at the end):

    29. You can try, but you probably can't do a better Post Malone costume than this one:

    30. Or a better Steve Jobs than this (it helps he's at the Apple Store, lol):

    31. And — one more celeb costume — this guy nailed his Ed Helms from The Hangover (although it helps he REALLY looks like Ed):

    32. I have NO IDEA how you could do this, but it's amazing and might inspire someone somehow:

    33. This might not be timely anymore, but this guy's "Gordon Ramsay calling me an idiot sandwich" costume still makes me laugh:

    34. This costume was perfect for 2020...and frankly, would work again this year too:

    35. Any TV meteorologists out there? If so, this is where the bar is:

    36. This "man captured by a gorilla" costume is sure to inspire someone:

    37. This Ms. Frizzle costume from The Magic School Bus gets an A+ from me:

    38. This "sexy Halloween costume" is a little meta, but I laughed:

    39. This guy's "Che Guevara T-shirt" costume is also pretty meta, but I laughed at it, too:

    40. And lastly, Michael Myers on LinkedIn is so random and funny, I hope it inspires a whole more like it:

    Freddy Krueger on the Nextdoor app, for example, would be hilarious!

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    A promo photo of Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart in Halloween costumes