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Target Has Turned The Red Balls In Front Of Their Stores Into Poké Balls

Yet another reason to run to the bull's-eye.

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You know those red balls outside of Target?

yogimcqueen / Via

Well, to have a little fun with the Pokémon Go craze, Target has transformed over 400 of them at Targets nationwide into larger-than-life Poké Balls!

Target / Via

As you can imagine, people are slightly losing their minds over it.

I mean, how cool is that?

One Pokémon fanatic pointed out that the Poké Ball in front of this Kendall, Florida, Target is especially well-placed considering it's in the same location as a PokéStop.

Lifeispokemon / Via

Target's senior vice president of marketing, Rick Gomez, says, “We wanted to create an extra special experience for our biggest Pokémon fans, and landed on this idea that we think they’ll love."

jenzenator / Via

Do you have a Poké Ball at your Target? If so, let us know where in the comments so we can all find 'em all!

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