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43 Awesome Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Steal This Christmas

Because 24 days is a long time to be clever.

Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

1. The Voice

No one can hit a high note like an elf. From Picklehead Soup.

2. The Sketch Artist

Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic has nothing on this elf. From Say It, Don't Spray It.

3. Frozen

This elf and Elsa are bonding over how little the cold bothers them. From My Mommy Style.

4. Playing Connect Four

Someone should warn Lalaloopsy that elves totally cheat. From Lil Blue Boo.

5. Elf

Enjoying Buddy the Elf's famous spaghetti recipe. From I Heart Nap Time.

6. Teaching

Elves are known to be short with their students. From A Small Snippet.

7. Sack Race

Losing to an elf? Spider-Man should be ashamed of himself. From Picklehead Soup.

8. Spider-Elf

9. A Charlie Brown Christmas

His advice is almost always "Drink more syrup." From Picklehead Soup.

10. Nap Time

This elf likes his marshmallow firm. Find more Elf on the Shelf ideas using marshmallows at Bombshell Bling.

11. The Legend of Zelda

He's just a Wii little elf.

12. Playing Twister

This elf suggested playing naked Twister, but thankfully the rest shot him down. From She Knows.

13. Clubbing

This fun-time guy only orders top elf drinks at da club. From The Leggy Files.

14. E(lf)mail

He's kidding himself if he thinks Santa isn't going to write him up. From Lil Blue Boo.

15. Gone Fishing

This elf is affectionately known at the North Pole as "Seabass." From Rocking My 365 Project.

16. Leg Lamp

If the dad from A Christmas Story were an elf. From Picklehead Soup.

17. Captured by the Confederacy

Jennifer Saintz Photography

Help is on the way from the North. The North Pole, that is. From Jennifer Saintz Photography.

18. The Ninja

I bet he lives in Ninja-bread house.

19. Downhill Skiing

Don't worry, his hat is actually a top-of-the-line elf helmet. From Picklehead Soup.

20. Cooking

This elf is the definition of a short-order cook. From The Elf on the Shelf.

21. Making Pancakes

How cute are those tiny pancakes? From Home Stories A to Z.

22. The Air Ballooner

This elf's most embarrassing moment was when he suggested Santa trade in his sleigh for one of these. From Peanut Blossom.

23. Super Elf

It's a bird, it's a plane, it' elf? From Busy Kids, Happy Mom.

24. Angry Birds

Even elves are hooked on Angry Birds. From Rocking My 365 Project.

25. Despicable Me

26. Elf Crime

There are some bad elves out there, man. From Momma Melly.

27. Jailbird

He'll be spending his days and nights in a 6-by-8-inch cell. From Santa's Little Spy.

28. Date Night

29. Playing Hoops

Clearly, the three wise men suck at basketball. From A Small Snippet.

30. The Elf in a Bubble

If your kids ask how the elf got in there, the answer is "magic." But if you want to know, click here.

31. Catching Some Rays

The scary thing is he's not wearing his suit... He's just really sunburned. From A Small Snippet.

32. Snowball Fight

Even Buzz is doomed against an elf. From Nelly Cole Photography.

33. Swinger

This elf really has the swing of things at the North Pole. From A Small Snippet.

34. The Taste Tester

Flickr: richardbronosky / Via Creative Commons

Jack's reputation at the North Pole: He means well, but isn't terribly intelligent.

35. Candy Crazed

This poor elf is caught in a shame spiral. From A Life Examined.

36. Time Zones

This elf is totally on time. From The Elf on the Shelf.

37. Post Shower

Elves don't naturally smell sugary sweet, you know. From She Knows.

38. Minecraft

39. Shaving

Little-known elf fact: They all participate in Movember. From A Small Snippet.

40. Spin the Bottle

This elf was hoping for Elmo but got Winnie. Awkward. From Homes in Alaska.

41. Cookies for One

That's just cold, elf. From Homes in Alaska.

42. The Downward Dog

43. Harry Potter

This elf is going to make some little Muggles very happy this Christmas. From Shelf the Elf.

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