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    19 "Time Traveler" Tweets That Are Funny Whenever You Read Them

    To time travelers visiting 2020...we are sorry.

    Thinking about the possibility of time travel — and time travelers — can be endlessly fascinating.


    But you know what else it can be? Pretty darn funny.


    Twitter, of course, knows this, and has made a LOT of hilarious time traveler jokes:

    1. Since 2020 has been the dumpster fire that it is, it's inspired a lot of time traveler jokes:

    I’m beginning to think “hindsight is 2020” was some kind of message from a future time traveler that we all misunderstood.

    2. You picked the wrong year, man:

    time traveler: what year is this? me: lmao oh man you fucked up so bad

    3. This joke actually MIGHT explain things:

    Dear time traveler, stop trying to fix 2020. You're making it worse.

    4. (Please don't let this be true):

    "Excuse me, I am a time traveler but my machine malfunctioned, so I'm not sure when I am." "It's 2020." "Which year of 2020?" "What do you mean?" "Ah, so this must be the first year of 2020." "Oh. Damn."

    5. Ugh:

    Just imagine if you were a time traveler from, say, 2015. And when you travelled 5 years into the future, this entire screen was the first thing you saw.

    6. But not all time traveler jokes are about 2020:

    time traveler: I come from the future, ask me anything me: oh wow is updog still around time traveler: what’s updog? me:

    7. Most are just delightfully dumb:

    i am a time traveler in 5 years it will be 2025

    8. And I appreciate them:

    time traveler: who's your favourite actor me: Danny Devito time traveler: oh you mean President Devito me:

    9. A lot:

    date: so what do u do me: i'm a time traveler date: (gets up and walks out) me: (loudly) i knew u were gonna do that btw

    10. (Shakes head):

    me: i'm a time traveler 1500s peasant: prove it me: you see that mud? 1500s peasant: yeah? me: don't eat that

    11. On the flip side, some time traveler jokes are really smart:

    ROMAN SOLDIER: halt, stranger! what is your name? TIME TRAVELER: you first. ROMAN SOLDIER: my name is QUINTUS, as i am the fifth child in my family. TIME TRAVELER: my name's LIV ROMAN SOLDIER: [starts counting on his fingers as his eyes open in fear]

    12. This guy, meanwhile, has a plan to spot time travelers:

    when the cashier tells me my total, I always say, "that was a great year". depending on how they react to totals like $16.92 or $34.20 tells me if they're a time traveler or not.

    13. And this dad found one:

    4-year-old: I remember your birthday. Me: Yeah. It was last year. 4: No, your first birthday. I'm raising a time traveler.

    14. Some people like to think about what they'd let people from the past know about the future:

    SHAKESPEARE: i've done it. i've finished my masterpiece. hamlet. TIME TRAVELER: so they're going to do this with lions and it'll be cool, then they're going to do it again with computer lions SHAKESPEARE: fuck yes. computer lions

    15. It probably wouldn't go well, though:

    what's the stupidest, most trivial thing you would do, if you had the ability to time travel without affecting history? personally, I would make T. S. Eliot watch Cats

    16. Yeah, no one from 1991 wants to know this:

    [time traveler arrives in 1991] Okay so both Ice-T and Ice Cube play cops on tv

    17. Hmmmm:

    If I travel the world to go look at different types of clocks does that make me a time traveler?

    18. OK, I'm a "When am I?" guy from now on:

    asking strangers “what time is it?” -boring -overused -definitely from this time period saying “when am I?” -fresh -mysterious -creates the idea that you’re a time traveler

    19. And lastly, you know what? I think this IS a time traveler:

    This is irresponsible as a time traveler. Let’s be better.

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