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21 Absolutely Hilarious People, And Honestly I Can't Say Who Is The Funniest

They're a little weird, but in the best possible way.

1. The person who added this Terminator decal to the back of their Corvette:

2. The friends who took this "creative" graduation photo:

3. The mom who showed the world how much she looked like her kid's drawing of her:

4. The guy who kept up his daily rituals even while working from home:

5. And the guy who shared some photos from his birthday in quarantine:

6. The kids who sent their mom into a panic by telling her "water was coming from the laundry room":

7. The delivery guy who doesn't do things as expected:

8. The person who needed a side table, but also felt overwhelmed by how hard it was to put together:

9. And the person who is number eight's kindred spirit:

10. The fifth grader who is already really, really funny:

11. The air traveler who deserves all of our respect:

12. The person who sent a message to their homeowners' association after it forced them to hide their trash cans out of sight:

13. The funny duo that was destined to tangle:

14. The 23-year-old who decided to see what he'd look like as an old man:

15. The cat owner who saw their cat doing this and made this comparison:

16. And the cat owner whose hobby was photoshopping her cat's face onto bees:

17. The dad who sent this photo when his wife asked how he was doing with their triplets:

18. The person who fixed the crack in their car window without, you know, actually having to get it fixed:

19. The dad who turned the frozen aisle into straight-up comedy:

20. The guy whose mind thought, "That's a happy-ass tree":

21. And the person who didn't let a lack of baking skills stop them from creating the perfect Shrek-themed cake: