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21 Memes From 2018 That Will Make Parents Go "Crap, That's Funny!"

If you missed 'em the first time, you're in for a treat.

1. This "been there" moment:

2. This painful reality for, let's face it, all of us:

3. And this painful reality that hits you after a few years:

4. This one SAHPs will laugh at a little too hard:

5. And this one that'll make new parents laugh guiltily:

6. This laugh for the breastfeeding moms out there:

7. This bit of truth telling:

8. This one that's basically the story of your life:

9. This tribute to the incredible diversity of toddler food preferences:

10. Speaking of toddlers:

11. And, WTH, here's another really funny toddler one:

12. This meme that's a little too real on those days:

13. This one that knows how little patience you have left:

14. And this one that knows when you're that fried anything is a vacation:

15. This awkward moment you can just feel:

16. This meme that'll raise your blood pressure AND make you laugh:

17. This one about other people's kids (yeah, right, your kids too):

18. This one that knows how hard it is to eat with kids:

19. And this one that knows how hard it is to — you know — with kids:

20. This one that tells the backstory to your last cold:

21. And this one that's a little too real this time of year: