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17 Moms Who Almost Certainly Had A Worse Mother's Day Than Yours

On behalf of their kids, "We're sorry!"

1. The mom who asked her family to take her to an art museum for Mother's Day, and they did this the whole time:

2. The mom who had to ask her kids to make her a card, and this was their first attempt:

3. The moms whose kids were crowded in the card aisle at 11 p.m. the night before Mother's Day:

4. The mom whose grown son gave her a card that would've been more appropriate coming from a kindergartner:

5. The mom who received a card from her son addressed "To Whom It May Concern":

6. And the mom whose video-game obsessed kid addressed her card like this:

7. The mom who woke up to this, uh, explosive breakfast prepared by her 5-year-old:

8. The mom whose kids got her a cake that reminded her of the ONE TIME she forgot them:

9. The mom whose kid drew her this card with a "pointing hand" that's definitely not a penis at the ready:

10. And the mom whose 8-year-old gave her this admittedly funny card with a bad word (hey dad, if you're gonna let the S-word slide, the least you could've done is catch the "your," lol):

11. The mom who received these strangely designed pillows featuring her normally adorable boys:

12. The mom who received a mug with the heartwarming inscription, "You're my mom because I'm your kid," lol:

13. The mom whose 16-year-old son thought it'd be funny to scare her by giving her a card with "Grandma" on it:

14. The mom whose son decided to make her a jewelry box, then got stoned and sketched this incredible design for it:

15. The mom whose kid wouldn't let her forget they weren't planned:

16. The mom whose kid edited out the niceties to make some demands:

17. And lastly, this mom — whose kid showed his appreciation for her in his own way:

It reads: "Thank you mom for making me food so I don't die."

Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere! We hope you have an amazing day no matter how your kids show their appreciation!